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    setup shock 5081

    Probably a thread about it here but I can't find it.. Just got a 5081, can't work out how to turn stopwatch, timer function off... Manual helpful in setting up but doesn't say how to turn off!! (I don't actually want any of that stuff, I want accurate time, rugged construction and a good light, I big easy to see display for tired old eyes in the dead of night on duty) I I'm wondering if it's all running in background draining my battery... Sigh! Is the5081 a good watch?

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    Re: setup shock 5081

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    Re: setup shock 5081

    What you have is the GA-100 watch.

    Your cant hide the CDT or STW mode on this watch.
    Anyhow, this watch is one of my favorite ana-digis in the Casio lineup.

    The movement is better then average because the hands are sync with the digital time and DST settings are easy (you dont need to sync the hands every time).

    Depending on the color version the LED light is good for the hands but not for the LCDs.
    In the worse color versions the hands are red(ish) and invisible under amber light....
    On my GA-100 pictured i let a watchmaker add lume paint on hands and indexes for better night visiblity.

    I think color versions with white hands and positive LCDs are the best for low light use.

    Keep in mind, that the hand movement is draining more energy then the stopwatch or a not running (and not beeping) digital timer.
    So a full digital watch will have a longer battery life from the same cell.

    So dont worry about the unused modes and wear in good health!
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