Shiny finish durability

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    Shiny finish durability

    I have several of the new "clear coat" g's, including crazy colors
    and glx's, and the "semi gloss" rasta6900 and dw5625 white/reverse.
    I wear all of my watches, but don't wear many of them very often.
    Do any of you have any feeling about the durability and scratch
    resistance of the shiny finish ?. My pink DW6900, has a few blemishes
    that resemble splash marks, but they won't wash off. I am hesitant to
    polish it for fear of wearing through the coating.
    I'd like to hear your takes on this.
    Later, LL

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    Re: Shiny finish durability


    I don't have any of the models that you've mentioned but...back in the day when I was hardcore collecting I used to get rough watches off the bay and restore them. If they were resin I polished them with metal polish and then a rinse with a wet rag. They would come out shiny black and looking pretty good.
    Now, those were older models and always black resin but I found them to be both tough and restoreable. Good luck!

    Cheers, Greg

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    Re: Shiny finish durability

    I own one "shiny" GLX and thus far it's just fine. I also have an incoming Rasta 5600 with a glossy Green strap...

    While they may wear (the gloss) they are less likely to take stains/dirt/smells as they aren't as porous as the matte straps.

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