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    Shock Bands

    Hello all!

    I have large wrists and the typical resin bands on most G-Shocks just don't fit me very well, at best I can wear them on the second from last hole.

    In the past I made my own nylon bands (see pics), and on others I bought the band adapters and used Zulu style bands, which is my preferred method.

    Third from left is one example of the style I'm looking for...I gave this one to one of my nephews for X-Mas.

    Out of the ones pictured I only have the 5600 of the far left still in my collection, which also already has band adapters attached (hard to see in pic).

    I gave all others away to family and sold some others, so now I'm starting over with a new batch

    I just bought a G2300B-1V which already has the adapters and a nylon band...which I love & it fits great!

    What other G-Shocks come with this set up?

    I really like the new Mudman watches but I cant get one because I am not able to convert the band on that one.


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    Re: Shock Bands

    The only current production model, that I know of, that uses the same type of strap as the G-2300B-1V is the G7301V-1V. Same strap, but with a slightly different patch.

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    Re: Shock Bands

    maybe with the strap adapter from countycomm you can put on longest strap......
    watches are meant to tell times..

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