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Thread: Show me picture of your wrist

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    Show me picture of your wrist

    I'm gonna buy my first G Shock. My wrist is small, about 6"(150mm). But i like GA100, GD100 and GW6900 but a diameter of it's about 50-52mm. Is it to big for my wrist? And someone can post a picture when you're wearing it? Thanks so much.

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    Re: Show me picture of your wrist

    Whether or not the watch is too big is a matter of personal opinion. Some people like wearing them big ... some people think the ratio of the

    watch size to your wrist should be more in line with the old school look of the mechanical automatics ... all of which now seem to be offered in much larger sizes

    to suit the current trend of larger watches. It's really a matter of what you want. If it's extra large, how do you like the look & feel?

    Certainly if the look is 'large' ... it's going to be noticed more. Can you handle that attention [perhaps criticism from some] & not feel overly self conscious?

    Basically ... it's your wrist ... your watch ... your happiness & your pride of ownership. Don't be pigeon-holed into wearing someone else's 'opinion' on your wrist.

    If you can't get to a store to try on one or more of the watches you've selected, just make sure you order from a store with a liberal return policy.

    In the end, yours is the only opinion that counts!

    If it helps at all, this is a GA-100 on a 7" wrist.

    Name:  20150601_183844.jpg
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    Re: Show me picture of your wrist

    6" wrist you should give the following 'smaller' models a try


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    Re: Show me picture of your wrist

    6 inch wrist here, I have no problems wearing GD-X6900's, so normal 6900's are pretty much a perfect, normal size. Here's my GW for reference:

    Name:  6900Ref.JPG
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    Don't have any GD/GA's to show you, but they'll be a little bit larger than that.

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