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    Question Similar feature set to G7710

    Hi everyone,

    Just received a new G7710, and, frankly, is quite amazed with it's feature set.

    I'm especially impressed with all date-related stuff (Week number, iso/sun/mon week start, countdown to new year, etc), alarms (being able to specify repetition pattern is awesome) and little features like time range where hourly beep should sound.
    Oh, yeah, and a negative display that is actually readable and have adjustable contrast is amazing too.

    Are there any other G-Shocks that have similar modules or at least with some of outstanding features from G7710? Solar & atomic?

    Damn it is a great watch.

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    Re: Similar feature set to G7710

    Yes, it's one of my favourites, too - got 5 of them. Unfortunately Casio never used that module in another watch. The G-7800 has at least the same alarm features (weekday/weekend) and a customizable date format. It's not solar or atomic either. So I think we just got to stick with the 7710 until Casio decides to use the same module in another watch (which might never happen).
    btw: Welcome to the forum!

    regards, Sedi

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    Re: Similar feature set to G7710

    Thanks for reply.
    I now have a weird feeling that I need to buy couple more 7710s while they are still around. :)

    Really amazing model.

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