Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

Thread: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

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    Picture Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    Well, I think this is appropriate music for viewing the thread

    I got the photo of the camel. Thanks El Xispas!

    It was the night of the party. We all had a siesta in the afternoon. Toni came a little late, because of a traffic jam, but I noticed his car parking near the apartment.

    Toni notices too!

    Everyone is looking great!

    Time to go!

    "Hi guys, look up"

    Toni says"I've got a plan" and drives us direct into a major traffic jam

    But then he had a good plan: Party time in the car! We were getting in the right mood.

    It seems that everyone has stepped into the car tonight and was heading downtown Barcelona! "Look, three rows of cars. The must go into a 2 lane road". Toni steps on it and we were in front of everybody. "It's only 10 minutes drive now!"

    "He look at that building!"... Revenge!

    More Revenge!

    Well, 15 minutes later I dare to ask "are we there already?" "Almost, only 10 minutes".

    Well, he was right this time. About 10 minutes later Toni says:"I see G-Shock".

    Then we had to drive around for about 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Everything was occupied, so we went underground.

    I love underground signs.

    Dynamic scooter city! (and a wrong exposure time).

    Casa Batlló, We are here!

    This guy is working for Casio Germany. He was very nice. He liked the comments I made of his bronze Giez.

    There we finally met all. We were with 9 with invitation. Charli (left) didn't have one, so he couldn't get in. This must be one of the largest G-Shock collectors meetings in the world!

    Did you spot the I.C.E.R.C. Gulfman 2009 in the group? It reminds me, I want to make a 50 Gs article about that one...

    It's a long way to get in, but there is much to see outside to, beside the tourists taking photo's of the building.

    My favorite Gulfman!

    Then I noticed that one of the camera man were was wearing a very nice special edition G-Shock.

    He got this watch at "Shock the World tour 2009", Taipei edition. It is a very limited model. I like it.

    We all got a nice bracelet. This was the only way to get in. Next to me was a young woman wearing a Bay-G. I complimented her on her nice Baby-G. She was working for Casio Espagña. We had a nice conversation, when a guy takes her out of the row and takes her inside. Hey, I want that too

    It didn't take much of our patience actually, within 5 minutes we were inside. Near the entrance there was this nice big G-Man. Wow, great, we must get on the picture with that. Comando-G gathers around the statue and we take photo's of eachother. In no time we were surrounded by several professional photographers. Wow, cool!

    Revenge 3: Two big bouncers at the door, with very friendly smiles. "Take as many pictures as you like!". Yes, Casio had the sweetest revenge!!!

    This photographer did not only have a great camera (and huge flash!). She also wore a nice Baby-G.

    If I'm correct, Left, Director Casio (time piece devision?) Germany/Europe, right, Photographer of Casio. He wanted to be on the photo too. I have actually not had a word with him (no queda el tiempo!, sorry). Look at that nice Purple Information model! man! This must be a party! We were only 2 meters inside the building!

    A lighted wall was in the hall with several big markers. Nice idea to tag the wall.

    Adan tags with his website...

    I can't leave behind. Look at that. The "Itchy and Scratchy show" was somewhere inside! Pignoise (quite famous spanish band) too.

    Tony shoots to a girl. She was also form the Spanish forum I think. She looked nice, but her Baby-G, AWESOME! Let's go together on the photo.

    Owhgg, Those Spanish people are so small, I fell off the photo!

    As seen in other "Shock the World" editions, also here were many watches on display. Most eye catching: DW-5000C. The watch that started everything.

    Meanwhie I see everyone eating. I must have missed something (did I mention it was free food and drinks?). Well, another photo first I guess. I don't like fatty fingers on my camera.

    Hey, what's that. No serial number. I called El Xispas. He thinks the same. Thats strange. I take this photo. Indeed, no serieal number... (Too be continued).

    Wow, what's that? The guy stops for me and offers me this food. I think it is fried potato and tomato slices. very (veeerrryyyy) delicious.

    But there is much more to see. My eye falls on this watch. It seems it is already released (Spain only) or about to be released (see later)

    Pignoise is a Spanish punk/skate rock band (Well, I think it's something like that).

    24-Kilates is a Barcelona based sneaker/skate shop. Damn, missed it while shopping. They also have Stussy (remember the girl in Happy Pills wearing that Stussy?).

    There seems to be a special 24 Kilates model. Actually very nice, because the inside of the band is orange and has a print wih the name of the shop in it. Probably impossible to get one and highly limited (numbers like 10 to 20 pieces).

    We were standing in front of the que, so it was not really crowded when we reached the main room. There were nice graphics.

    Iwalk back to the diplays. This display has fantastic models. Luckily I found a high Casio person (I think the man I met at the entrance, head of Casio Europe). He informs me. These were special editions for several Shock The World events. These were made in very limited editions. Only 10 to 20 of each model made...

    Poor me. I would really love to have this one. Remember our parking spot? The nember 303 stands also for the famous Roland TB-303. The acid machine. I very much love acid music (I even played some before we left the apartment, Fast Edie - Hip House). In the late 80's the smiley became representative for this strange new music. I very much like to have this watch. Would be a nice G-Peopleland edition

    The first time I see the G-7900's in the flesh. They look pretty nice!

    The Baby-G G-Man package and the G-Shock G-Man Package are called the Shock the World Limited edition. We found out they were handed over to the press. I should have asked Ernie (Owner of WUS) how to get one...

    Casio never showed any connection with those ice guys you see lately, but somhow this Adidas model pops up with an iced black Crazy colors model. Not sure what to think, but that bracelet looks like pure gold and that must me real diamonds!

    "Excuse me sir, Can I take a photo of your Gulfman? It's beautiful?". Then I see the staff member I saw as first in the que (Casio Europe guy). "Do you know who he is?" he asks, while I must give him a negative answer. "He is the Father".

    I think this is Yuichi Masuda, Chief Director Casio Timepieces (Tokyo). He was recruited by Ibe Kikuo as one of the members of "Team Tough". WOW!

    A lot of food seems to get from downstairs. That must be interesting to go.

    Except a lot of people, there were also two ice sculptures.

    "You have a nice watch, sir!" He smailes. People are happy if you ask about their watches. Cool!

    Sorry, I had not set the exposure time right. An armada of waiters were walking out of the door with food, so I moved on, because I was pretty much walking in the way (I have patent on that I think)

    I met the Comando-G people near the bar. "Sexmachine" shows his Jason. On his other arm there is a yellow Frogman. Not a normal one, no the DW-6300! "I bought them both in Spain" he says proud. I think if you live in Spain, you might be proud of your country! I think I fell in love a bit too.

    "Excuse me lady, can I take a picture of your watch?" The gold retro models of Casio seem to be very popular other young women. I recently bought a gold databank for a former student of our school. She very much likes her watch too.

    "What is happening there?"

    Ah, food. It looks delicious, but of course, the photographer is always too late

    "Take pictures of us, we are Rock Band!

    The chicas can't be left behind. "Take a picture of us too, p-l-e-a-s-e!

    So I walk to the bar. I had not taken a drink for a long while and all that talking made me thirty. I discovered they served ginger ale ("ginger"), which I like very much. While I walk to the bar, I pass an older Japanese man. I respectfully bow and greet him. He bows back and thanks me. So I continue walking to the bar. There were some people before me. I look behind me and see thae same Japanese man standing behind me. I felt a little ashamed. I must have accidentally blocked the way to the bar for him. How impolite. To make it good with him, I greet again and told him I didn't see he was going to the bar. He smiles a bit shy, and tells me no problem. I asked him "Can I get something to drink for you". "Thank you, a cola" he answers.

    So, while I observe the waiters G-7700 on red, I order a ginger and a cola. The man is very happy with his cola and we bow. As we walk away from the bar to make room, I noticed he is not wearing a Casio. So I ask him "Are you not a Casio representative"? "No", he answers, "Do you know Kawasaki motor cycles?". "Yes I know, my brother had one and my son is fond of the green Ninja models". "I am the chief director of the Kawasaki Motorcycle company". "(swallow sound)" "Casio sponsors the Kawasaki racing Team!" (Gawain, I bet you like this part).

    Unbelievable. Check the cola, btw! He asks if I want with him on the photo with the whole team of Kawasaki Europe!

    A guy of Red Bull Air Racing, he likes to be on film a lot. He is also a nice guy.

    The lighted wall looks great, but no sign of my website or that of Adan's.

    The silhouetes are very nice. I continue shooting more. Just a small selection:

    Toni sees someone interesting...

    "No, that is not a good picture" I say and I turn around the staff card of the woman.

    "Much better" I say. "I was with her on the photo" says Toni. "But I touched her belly" I joked back

    A girl coming out of nowhere...

    Ibe Kikuo gives a Spanish!

    He tels the story of the watch he got from his father. How sad he was when the bracelet snapped, the watch fell on the street and was completely broken. Also the steps that lead finally to the first G-Shock watch.

    He even had a real early prototype with him. One of the Muscle Time models is shaped to this prototype!

    To prove its strength, he throws his watch very hard on a target board (loud BENG!).

    It still works perfectly (according some Comando-G members it was a DW-5600E)

    Director of Casio España

    Wears nice sneakers!

    He introduces a famous football player (for American readers, Soccer football). It is Shunsuke Nakamura (thanks KiwiDJ)

    After the presentation, the band Pignoise starts to play a short gig. I was standing in the wrong place. I was crushed between a horde of your women.

    After the band it's mostly see and been seen. Everyone thinks I'm a photographer, so everyone likes to pose for me!

    A girl hangs on my arm "Can you take a photo of us, we are from brazil!"

    "Hola Monica". Also in party mood! Check out her Comando-G pin!

    Chocolate cakes.

    Like I said before...

    Pignoise 1

    Pignoise 2

    I met a guy of casio Europe. he is from the marketing and communications department. I had a very good chat with him. At the end we made a photo session. So I gave the camera to a photographer. He first took pics of these retro-Casio's wearing girls.

    By the way, he is wearing a vey nice "Eric Haze"model of the "Silver Series".

    Think cloud: "If you are on the photo with so many photo graphers and so many people must be famous".

    "Can I go on the picture with you?"

    Very nice pic. "Thanks girls". "Oh, nice, please take a picture of us"

    Then, finally, I met him. The Creator!

    Ibe Kikuo-sam! Without this man I would not have know these great guys in Spain and would be frustrated every time with scratches on my crystals of new watches! Thanks you Ibe Kikuo-san for designing the G-Shock.

    I asked him about the DW-5000C model. "I noticed there was no serial number on the back. Is it the first one?". "Yes, it is the number one".

    Toni gets his G signed (Adan too).

    The G-Shock Monolith (I guess it was in more parts actually).

    A great guy from Venezuela. He was wearing the DW-5025B. Hilde, I told you. This pic is for you!

    His friend was wearing a pretty vintage DW-6100. They have a vintage sunglasses shop in Barcelona. very cool!

    Casio Mallorca.

    New Edifice model???

    Long story.

    I noticed a guy wearing the Pignoise watch. He appeared to be the band's manager. He shows the watch to me.

    Strike a pose, No idea who this is. She sees a camera, she poses like this. I just took the photo...

    A very nice couple. She's from Ireland, he's from Londen. She liked my watch. What the heck, she liked my hair. "Owh, what a nice matching watch do you have".

    Time to go home...

    But not before I took a picture of this photograper's hand. She looked nice, but I like that watch so much!

    "Can I take a picture of you"

    "Can our girlfriend also come on the photo?" "No problem"

    Extra shoes?

    Comando-G is waiting, I am not very fast, taking photo's of almost everything...

    In the parking we say good bye to the other Comando-G members. It has been a terrific night. We are a little bit tired. Time to go home. I have to be on the airfield pretty early.

    This post would have not been as good if I could not lend some photo's of Tonitoni and some video's by Adan. It is always good to know you have friends! Thanks guys!

    m(_ _)m
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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    What a post! You certainly had a great time, Sjors. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    How many Gs did you bring with you?

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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    Thanks for the incredible post!!!

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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    you tell a great story, Sjors! You captured the vibe and feel of the place, people and event. I felt like I was almost there! Great work as always, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was very generous of you to share your experience with us. I felt like I was there with you!

    Funny how you got a lot of people to pose for because they thought you were a photographer for the event!
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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    Sjors - you look like a man in his element. You were made for this party - and for the funky architecture of Barcelona!

    I'm really happy for you that you had this trip - and that the G-Comandos were there to look after you.

    A magical event!
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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    wow great pictures! Sounds like you guys had a blast.
    Couple of watches here and there

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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    VEry cool!

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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    wow - gr8 pictures - almost like I was there myself !

    btw: this is a MTD-1508 - very nice ana-digi model with EL-backlight, tide-moon data and a 100 hr timer . It's on my list but I haven't pulled the trigger yet .

    Greetings, Sedi

    edit: I had the numbers mixed up - it's a MTD-1058
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    Re: Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee

    That was GREAT Sjors!!!

    I especially liked how the people there were so open to you. Like tribe said, you were meant for the party. Without the Commando G's and yourself, I'd think those other people wouldn't have had the same fun you guys brought to the party. They would've just mingled amongst themselves.

    But hand it to Sjors, Toni, and gang to get those people to relax and open up a bit.

    Kawasaki, a rock band, beautiful Spanish chicas, free food and drinks, an international gathering of different people and lots of G's with a couple of members of "Team Tough"...Besides a free Limited Ed G, what more could you ask for? .

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