Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

Thread: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

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    Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    So after a recent splurge and turning my collection upside down lately, I thought I was content. Every once in awhile I'll see photos members post of new arrivals, and I'll like them and pop it in the memory banks thinking it would be nice to have. Then you see those rare gems posted, and you drool wishing it was possible to have one.....but chances are it's never going to happen. For instance, I was looking and looking and finally gave up my search for a White Knight Quartz Some watches are just VERY hard to hunt down.

    So let me start with the fun unboxings before I go further, I don't do the unboxing shots often, but this one was exciting for me.....

    An EMS Package.........must had come from another country

    Ripped open that envelope and unwrapped the paper that surrounded it and got a black box

    Turned that black box around to reveal how rare it is.....An MRG with EC stamped on front and a signature below? What could it possibly mean????

    Leather case, again marking the MRG....and that signature again???

    Opening the case got that plastic covering.....

    Still has all the protective stickers and face...

    And removing it all exposes.....

    The MRG-121TEC-1A Very Rare Limited Edition honoring one of my favorite musicians...Eric Clapton

    I've always wanted to see what people were talking about when they discussed the quality of the MRG. There is such amazing detail and quality put into these. The editions are always limited, and I've always wanted to get my hands on ANY Clapton branded model, I was lucky enough to get the best of both worlds. On top of that, the crown is located on the 9:00 side, I'm lefty and wear my watches on my right wrist, this works for me. There is an incredible agile quality feel to this watch. The gun metal coloring and 4 screws around the bezel give it a tool look while the textured face, curved crystal, gun metal indices and MRG lettering scream of paying attention to every little detail that went into this.

    Every part of the watch is metal except for the cover over the back of the case which is plastic. The ring cut into the plastic shows the screwback with Eric Clapton's signature stamped into it. The bracelet is very comfortable and light, they are brushed on the outside and polishedin between the links. The clasp is well thought out as well. It has EC stamped on top, and MR-G stamped on the bottom. It's got rounded release buttons and 3 micro adjustments for a perfect fit.

    As far as how I got it? Not too long ago Mitch posted photos of this same rare MRG, this was one I hadn't even considered a search on as I knew these were next to impossible to come by....particularly at a reasonable price. Then Idan posted one up in the sales forum and it got snatched quick. I hadn't realized he had another one until I saw he bumped it after he sold it. I went back and forth with him for the past few weeks.....last Wednesday I purchased it, he shipped it out from Israel on Thursday, and it arrived this morning exactly as described. Thanks Idan.
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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Awesome score!!!

    E.C is a favorite, too.

    best regards,

    Kirk M.


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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    These rare models are truly magnificent! Congrats on a great score!

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Holy moly that's awesome. I didn't know Eric Clapton had a G!!! That's so awesome. I love Clapton.

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Very Nice Doug

    I love analogs and this is one nice G How is the lume

    Too bad about the Knight, I had my Black Knight on all day and I really think its an outstanding watch also. I think the black looks nicer than the white to me at least. Dont give up you never know when one will pop up again. There was a used White Knight listed yesterday.

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Hey Doug...nice catch....maybe I'll get to see this one in person before you flip it... LOL

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Quote Originally Posted by DougFNJ View Post
    So after a recent splurge and turning my collection upside down lately, I thought I was content.
    That's a sure sign that it ain't so!!

    Great catch!


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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Nice watch !

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Awesome addition to your collection! Congrats!
    Couple of watches here and there

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    Re: Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)

    Great unboxing~Enjoyed every minute of reading it too, cheers!

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