Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman
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Thread: Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman

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    Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman

    I got a little bit bored the other day and decided to go ahead with some mods I've been meaning to do for a while.

    First up is the DW8500-1 Codename, I wondered why I didn't wear this that much even though I love the DW8400 Mudman bezel and the cool unusual codename module, I finally put it down to the original band which is cool looking but quite thick and unyielding and the red writing on the bezel. I am sure after a lot of wear the band would become quite comfy but as it is now it's just not wearable for long periods as it digs into my bony wrist.


    I finally decided to replace the band with a G7900 band that I had purchased a long time ago for my G7900MS but didn't use. It works surprisingly well with this watch and is very comfy, the band is black and the bezel is dark grey with black central section but it doesn't look too out of place and is quite a wide band which aesthetically works with this rather large case design. I then tackled the red writing on the bezel which I thought was just too "in your face" on what is essentially a grey watch I had already toned down my G9100 Gulfman in the same manner and so used the same colour grey paint and I think it worked out rather well.


    Next up was the G9010 Mudman, I had already blacked out the red metal accents with matte black electrical tape under the bezel but the red G-Shock and too white Shock Resist writing on the bezel niggled at me.


    I gave it the grey paint treatment and I think it has toned it down to a more subtle level. This already got a lot of wrist time but those small details irritated me slightly so I am quite pleased with the result.


    As I've said they are only small mods but I think they have done wonders for these two G's. For me, apparently, less is more !
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    Re: Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman

    I want a Casio G-Shock Codename. Too bad they don't make them anymore. Such a cool watch. Something a action star in a movie might wear. lol.
    The MTG is retired and the 5600 too. Right now, the only working G-Shocks that I use and enjoy are the Riseman GW9200-1 and the GW6900-1

    If I can own a Rolex Submariner I would. I know they are tough too, their homages are tough. Trust me.

    G-Shock MTG930DA-8V, G-Shock GW-5600J-1. G-Shock Riseman GW9200-1, G-Shock GW6900-1

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    Re: Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman

    Nice mods! I especially like what you've done with that classic Codename. That was my very first G-Shock. Got me missing it now...

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