So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...
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Thread: So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

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    So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

    ... and it's just a hair too tight to fit.

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    My brother bought his MRG1100 around 1999, so I call him and ask if he has a spare link lying around. He says he'll check. Haven't heard back from him yet.

    In the meantime, I cleaned up my MRG1100 and want to wear it already. So, I pull out the spare links from my other watches and found that one of the half links from my PRG-80T seems to be close. Filed this down, filed that down... then drilled through the holes with a 1/16" bit. It'll work until I get a real link from my brother (if he has one). I had to use the pin from a spare MRG-110 link to attach this, as the PRG-80 pins are narrower and longer. A little sanding and polishing, and I got the surface to look reasonably good. The only thing is that *edited* I over filed, so one end is just a hair loose.

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    Yeah, I did a search and found that spare links are not easy to come by. In the meanwhile, this works.

    Final pic.

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    Last edited by tk1971; December 14th, 2011 at 19:13. Reason: Was working on 2 diff links simultaneously and got confused. It's all straigtened out now.
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    Re: So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

    That's some fine work you've done there, congratulations! I would leave it now the way it is, a very unique watch that no-one else will have exactly the same...
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    Re: So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

    Great watch with a great story! Congrats!

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    Re: So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

    Same with mine...slightly too opened up the diver extension part to wear it, though it tends to not get worn. Finding spare links is like hunting for hens teeth! :(

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    Re: So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...

    Nice work indeed, and +1 to leave this rare bird as it is now. Congrats.

    Go Team Bravus!!

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