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    Son of Woodpecker Lips!

    When last we visited ol' Woodpecker Lips (G-2300) she had undergone a much needed renewal after a long, honorable but rough service. I replaced her with another G-2300 that has served as my daily wear watch for a few weeks.

    Recently I was passing through a local Kohl's with a $10 discount coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I noted the G-Shocks were on sale (well, not really on sale as compared to Amazon's regular prices, but I couldn't resist looking). There in the case was a watch that looked very similar to my G-2300 and I asked to take a look at it. It was a GW-2310; the atomic version of the 2300. What caught my, however, was the clarity of the display. It 'popped' in much the same way that the Mudman G-9000 display stands out for clarity, contrast and great readability even in fading light. I pulled out the $10 coupon and the 2310 came home with me.

    I wore it for a few days, but for some reason never really warmed up to it. One afternoon recently it struck me - the chrome sub-bezel makes the watch really garish (in my eyes). The chrome simply does not balance well with the flat black of the rest of the watch. I know, I know - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the eyes of this beholder it just doesn't work.

    I figured that surely Casio must make this same watch with a better color mix. I scoured the web and couldn't find anything other than this chrome/flat black combo for the GW-2310. Dang. However, after grinding through page after page of G-Shocks on Amazon's website I happened upon something called the G-2300F-4DR. If I squinted hard and held my tongue just so while looking at the computer screen I could almost believe that the module in this watch was very close to the one in the GW-2310.

    I took a chance and ordered the watch. It arrived today and I've been wearing it now for several hours and have compared it closely to it's siblings.

    I must say I'm extremely pleased. While the G-2300F is not atomic I don't think that is a real necessity - most of my non-atomic Casios keep time to within a second a day. What this watch does offer is a much improved display as compared to the original G-2300. It is much crisper, with better contrast and readability. Plus - and for me this is the biggie - the sub-bezel is a muted pearlescent red that matches very nicely with the flat black. Visually it is very nice.

    Only one drawback. The strap is a plain-jane Casio, which means it stinks. It is too short and lacks the raised 'bump' that keeps the free end from slipping out of the keeper. Casio really needs to upgrade its strap technology across the G-Shock line. I fixed this problem by taking the strap off and putting on a spare set of G-2300 strap keepers and slipping in a Zulu strap. This mod makes a great watch even better.

    Earlier today I took the family out for a group portrait:

    From left to right: G-2300, GW-2310, G-2300F

    I think this picture dramatically illustrates the difference in clarity of the modules between the older G-2300 and the newer watches. All three watches are less than one month old.

    So there you have it! This G-2300F is the new Son of Woodpecker Lips. All hail Son of Woodpecker Lips!


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    Cool Re: Son of Woodpecker Lips!

    What about this one that I think is the best one in the GW-2300 series the luxury black/gold version with negative display and a bracelet the GW-2310Bd-1JF ?

    The Water Resistance Myth VS Reality article:

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    Re: Son of Woodpecker Lips!

    Very nice comparo descriptions and shots.

    Good stuff.

    Enjoy your G's. Anyone know if the G2300F is available in big box stores in Canada?

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