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    Off Topic post Sound issues on DW-5600e

    I've been wearing my DW-5600e as a recreational beat-around-the-house watch. Everything functions well, except for the beep sound. Upon pressing the mode button, the beep is sometimes absent or becomes much less audible, then returns to its normal "beep" volume: beep, beep, BEEP, BEEP. The watch is relatively new, bought last year and worn at least once a week. I haven't been using its functions as extensively as the GW-5000. What do you guys think? Is this an easy fix?
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    Re: Sound issues on DW-5600e

    are you sure that when you press the button-- the back case dont press deeper in to your wrist? resulting in muffeled sounds?

    if you take of the watch and press the button, is the problem still exist?

    someway to troubleshoot the problem if you have another dw-5600 variant are:

    remove the screws on the back and transfer the caseback to other dw-5600, if there's no problem then the piezo speaker is fine... if the problem transfered,then it might be the piezo speaker that got problem.

    if the piezo speker fine, then it might be the contact spring dont contact very well, check it out or stretch it a bit so it make good contact.

    goodluck buddy,hope the issue can be solved.

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