Source for casback gaskets?

Thread: Source for casback gaskets?

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    Source for casback gaskets?

    I need a caseback gasket for a DW5600C, but am having a hard time finding one. I emailed casio sales and service but they told me that they don't sell the gaskets alone, that I'd have to spend the 20 bucks or so and mail the watch in to have it's gasket installed.

    I was able to find a gasket that I could stretch over the base of the threaded collar on the caseback, so there is kind of a seal, but the back doesn't close completely (there's a barely perceptable gap between the back and the case) so I think it might be okay for handwashing but not for anything more strenuous.

    Any other thoughts?
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    Re: Source for casback gaskets?

    How about contacting Casio directly? I've heard they can be helpful.

    Failing that, I've always thought about going to a DIY/home centre and seeing what they've got. You never know.

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    Re: Source for casback gaskets?

    You could always buy some of the liquid gasket maker, sold at automotive stores. It's thick, sticky and gooey, and comes in a tube. Fill in the area where the gasket should go, using something like a toothpick or popsickle stick to apply it. Let it dry, remove the excess gasket, apply some lube, and pop the case back on.

    Or just go to a jeweler. They should have a gasket that fits. I can't imagine that the size would be all that uncommon.

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