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    source for gl-7500hd

    after my other thread about a watch for military use, i became very interested in a gl-7500hd, only to find the last one available from amazon gone the afternoon I went to purchase it (I would guess to someone else from this forum even, haha)

    does anyone know of a source for this watch, I have come up completely dry

    Thanks again to the forum for the great advice and support to a G rookie such as myself

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    Re: source for gl-7500hd

    I had a quick look but couldn't find one. It's a discontinued model, so I think you're just going to have to make periodic trawls of eBay and the net.
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    Hi Metalman,

    The GL-7500 was released in 2005, in Japan as ltd ed. and in the US as more or less limited spring/summer 2005 model. Actually I did a search for a GL-7500 earlier today and all I could find was the light blue version.

    The GL-7500HD was designed by Donald Takayama.


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