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    Spring Bar Help

    So, today my band came off my GA-100 watch face. It looks like the spring bar just popped out. I bought the watch less then a month ago. Will it still be under warranty? Also, can I find spring bars at local stores or will I have to purchase one? Lastly, what size spring bar does a g-shock GA-100 take?


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    Re: Spring Bar Help

    I doubt they would warrant you just because your spring bar fell off because there can be many reasons for the spring bar to fall off. Plus shipping it will probably be more expensive than just buying a spring bar. You should be able to find one at a local watchmaker, they are very cheap. Some might charge you to put it on and that can get a bit expensive.

    Not sure about size.

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    Re: Spring Bar Help

    Based on this thread -- and the other thread mentioned and linked to in the second post of this thread -- it looks as though the GA-100 takes the same 16mm spring bar that's used in a LOT of other G-Shocks: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/new...lp-977280.html

    It's a fairly common size -- any local jewelry or watch repair shop should have them in stock.

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    Re: Spring Bar Help

    16mm Spring bar and any jeweller or watch repair shop will have one and put it back on for you.

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