A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)
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Thread: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

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    A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

    I'm mostly into analogs and ana-digis. But for some reason, I not really understand, I've for long been interested in the classic 5600 variants. It might be due to some undefined, misty memory from the 80'ies, I dont know...

    Anyway, the interest is there, and I began looking into the GW-M5600 variants. Tried them in street stores and read manuals for hours. Something keps me back. Didnt like the feel of them, nor the lack of current time in STW and also I liked the color scheme of the DW-5600E better. Though, this one didnt came with solar and radio control and the buttons had odd locations compared to the usual Casio standard, I've got used to through about 30 years...

    At some point I gave up, and focused on other watches, and I ended up with a Riseman. From that one, I learned that I get obsessed by "did-it-sync-tonight" syndrome. Also, I live in a area where there's not much daylight during winter, and that are annoying when the en the batt meter hits "M". The purple-like colour on the solar panel in some light conditions dont look good in my eyes. The ekstra indicators due to solar and radio control, just adds up for a more cluttered display IMHO.

    Riseman sold, and focus on other brands like Citizen and Tissot.

    Then, in the summer of 2011, I stumbled over a vintage 5600 of some kind. It was in excellent condition and fully functional for a fair price in a street store.

    Hmm. Originally, I wasnt interested in vintage models. Light bulb and a risk of resin rot was some of the major reasons. So I wasnt even into which variants existed and which ones was hot or not.


    Wow, it really had that screw back.

    I simply bought it - I figured I could sell it lossless, if I regretted.

    Reserching a little back home, proved that I bought a DW-5600C with the matte screwback. And indeed, the light bulb wasnt me. There wasnt a different tone indicating, when I hit the current time screen, and there wasnt current time shown in STW. Only upward scrolling.

    One more hmmmm. Was it really me?

    I weared it once in a while. And it started growing on me. Slowly.

    But I missed EL. So I bought a DW-5600E, and wanted to merge the module into the C. That screwback, you know... I was lucky to get a "E" with the 3229 module dirt cheap on a vacation in the US.

    But contrast proved to be poor on the "E". The EL is so bright, that it spoils my night vision. And since I'm not so young anymore, my eyes spend a long time re-gaining that night vision. On the good side though, alarm tone was louder and strap more comfortable. Hmmmmm.

    On the contrary, the "C" got a very crisp display, which I can easily read in low light. Minimizing the need for EL + plus it saves those button presses just for reading the time. No hmm this time, it just proved that that's what I like.

    Read about the GW-5000. Auch, expensive, but maybe it was the solution? It seemed to be even crispier than the "C". But digging some more, it showed up, that this is only the case in some light conditions. On average the "C" seems to be better in this regard.

    Today I appreciate that I can read HH:MM with the light bulb, without getting my nightvision spoiled and that is what matters to me. The display is wonderfull simple and clutter free. And it's quite easy to read in low light, which has proved to be a major factor for me. The reminder function me also likes - much simpler than adding text on my cellphone, and keeps my memory in good condition too.

    A few months after buying the "C", I also bought the G-7800-1 - I simply fell in love with the look. While the module looks simple on the surface (no solar/radio control and only WT, CDT, STW & AL), it's actually quite upgraded compared ot the 5600 variants. I'm very happy with that one too, and I find they compliment each other very well - one very basic with a classical and iconic design, and the other loaded with small, but handy features and a independent look, much more attitude than the average G IMHO. This watch got so much, that I easily accept the few minor things, which could be improved.

    So, a long way and forth and back, but at least I learned something, and all the research was fun. Finally, squares just look more digital to me
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    Re: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

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    Re: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

    Great post Thom, interesting how our minds work when buying, selling, keeping, flipping, trading, etc lol

    Lets see photos if you can. One of the main things I love about the 5600C is to have one in such incredible condition knowing it is next to impossible to find one like this.....good to know you kept it.
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    Re: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

    Gotta love the almighty C, still the best. When you just need to know what time/date it is and don't need any gimmicks...there is no substitute. Never been improved upon, IMO, and I do have some later models (wearing a 5000LV today).

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    Re: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

    Here's some to start with - maybe I'll take some new ones on sunday

    The bluish digits on the G-7800 - normally the bluish tone only occurs in rare light conditions, but my flash seems to provoke them.

    Name:  Square_11.jpg
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    Re: A square story (or a hmmm to aha story)

    Nice to hear about your lengthy exploration of CASIO G-Shock watches, Thomas. I have to say that a lot of qualities you state about the DW-5600C are what appeal to me as well. It's classic, pure G-Shock. No frills. But what is given is done well. It epitomizes what CASIO started with and... quite frankly, makes it obvious that CASIO did not continue pursuing the purity. That is, until they came out with the GW-5000.

    I've also been attracted to the analog/digit G-Shock variants. But, it always seems like something wasn't done quite right that annoys me. So, I've stayed away from those.

    I really like the G-7800. They did a lot of great things in that watch and avoided a lot of visible clutter (some of it is still there, but so small as to not matter), partly due to it not being solar or atomic. I do think they could have released a solar version. But, the battery life is decent enough not to need it.

    Funny, we've all complained a lot on the forums about visible clutter on G-Shock faces, and then they come out with the DW-5600BB! I have to say that this one really caught my attention, despite it not being a screwback steel case.

    A lot of what you discovered about in the DW-5600C is what led me to the GL-110. True, it has the "3 eyes" useless bit that you find in the DW-6900. I don't really care for that, but the rest of the watch makes up for it. I have to say it would have been a stellar watch if they'd done a 3 tiered information arrangement more like the G-7800. Anyway... it's a stainless steel cased screwback with small but very visible digits, a reasonably bright backlight, and buttons that are easy to press purposefully (well guarded otherwise). And for some reason, they were released mostly in Japan. I can't stand that little bulb in the DW-5600C. I have a TW-7000 with a nicely bright bulb in it, but it's still kind of tricky to read. There's no guessing with the EL backlight.

    Anyway, I'll eventually have to document mine at some point.
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