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Thread: Stainless verses Resin

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    Stainless verses Resin

    Im not sure which kind of band I like best now that Ive got my new MTG-900.The stainless is very comfortable but so is the resin band s on my other Gs what do you guys think?

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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    I love the strap on the gw-m5600bc. so that is stainless then?

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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    Quote Originally Posted by G-shock1968 View Post
    Im not sure which kind of band I like best now that Ive got my new MTG-900.The stainless is very comfortable but so is the resin band s on my other Gs what do you guys think?
    I like SS, Resin, cloth, and Rubber all equally and all for different reasons, so I can't find myself voting in this poll.

    This would be why I have multiple watches for multiple purposes...IMHO:

    Stainless Steel has been great for office, going out, basic functions and activities that don't require alot of rough and tumble events.

    Resin is great when I am moving things, doing manual labor, or doing knock around things that I don't want to worry too much about the band I am wearing.

    Cloth is great for more of my sporting things, I like that it can breathe.

    My Giez has a rubber band and I find that to be one of my most comfortable, I find I wear it on similar occasions as the SS, just more casual...t-shirts and jeans lounging out.

    I'm looking forward to other responses on here.
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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    My relic has a stainless band. I wore it for a week after I got it and have never worn it since. It was either so loose that I could rotate it all the way around my wrist or it was so tight that it would cut through my skin. I've never worn a stainless band since.
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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    My First G was stainless steel and I really liked the feel of it. Now with more and more G's in my collection being resin, I have grown to like resin very much. I think I got converted by the very comfortable mudman G-9000 series bands. I also find the GW-2** Frogman bands very comfortable too.

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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    I voted resin, but I like them all.

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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    I like both but I voted resin mainly because once it gets hot outside I start sweating like mad with ss .
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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    I voted stainless, but took that as meaning bracelets of any kind. I really like Ti, as it is so light. I like the composite on the 5600BC's (I now have three of those). I like stainless as it looks tough, but dressy.

    Resin/Leather is OK, but I wish they would find a surefire way to keep the keeper in place so the strap end stays held in place.

    Do not care for velcro, is it is noisy, and gets too fuzzy. Have never had a Zulu (or its' mates) so will not judge those.

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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    For me, both have pros and cons. With SS, or any kind of metal, it tends to pull the hair on my wrist. However, in my opinion, it looks nicer for a formal occasion, versus a resin band. Resin bands stick to you in hot weather and do not breathe very well, but they are very flexible, durable, and easy to adjust.

    When I make my next purchase, I am planning to buy a Zulu strap, just to try it out. From what I have heard/read, I think I will like it the best.


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    Re: Stainless verses Resin

    I voted resin because I find it the most practical. It's cheap, tough and comfortable. The only G I have on a steel bracelet is my G-800BD, and that is a really nice bracelet, but I still think resin is more practical for a tough watch.
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