Still Waiting For the Perfect G! (WL-500 vs G-5600E)

Thread: Still Waiting For the Perfect G! (WL-500 vs G-5600E)

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    Still Waiting For the Perfect G! (WL-500 vs G-5600E)

    Of course it will never arrive. But maybe something close?

    I bought a G-5600E and returned it because the numbers were too small and the time of day was not displayed in other modes. I liked the $25 WL-500 better than the $60 G-Shock! The features were about the same.

    I have a WL-500 (pictured). I love the big digits, solar power, 24-hour CDT, etc., but I'd like something more robust. It doesn't have to be able to survive a cement mixer, but I would like a mineral crystal and some other features.

    I hope that some day Casio releases a G that:

    1. Is solar-powered.
    2. Has large digits. Time, day, and date. I don't need the year or a bunch of crazy little busy dials.
    3. An uncluttered, clean display.
    4. 24-hour CDT.
    5. Time of day in other modes.
    6. Non-round face
    7. Battery H, M, L status.

    Maybe too much to ask...
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    Re: Still Waiting For the Perfect G! (WL-500 vs G-5600E)

    right now it looks like Casio has all but forgotten about 'current time in other modes' - almost none of the newer models have it . As far as I know the only multiband-6 model with current time in almost every mode and 24hr CDT is the GW-9200 Riseman which also happens to be the very first Multiband-6 model. IMO the first two Multiband-6 models GW-9200 and GW-9100 are still the best. I'm still waiting for a new interesting Multiband-6 model to be released - so far no luck.
    So my advice: take a look at some of the normal battery powered models and you might find what you're looking for. For instance the G-8000 with current time in every mode. It also has very large digits. Or one of my personal favourites (although I don't have one yet) - the PAW-500: very clear display and big digits. It also shows time in almost every mode and has a 24 hr CDT but it's kind of roundish and it's no G-Shock.

    Greetings, Sedi

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