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Thread: Stopping the snooze on an alarm - G-5600A

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    Question Stopping the snooze on an alarm - G-5600A

    I have the tough solar G-5600A watch.

    It has an alarm with snooze option.

    How do I stop the alarm without turning it off?

    The alarm goes off. I press a button to stop it beeping but then after 5 minutes the snooze sets it off again.

    Apart from going into the alarm menu and turning the alarm off there doesn't seem to be a way to cancel the snooze.

    How do you stop the alarm and the snooze but leave it so it goes off the following day?


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    Re: Stopping the snooze on an alarm - G-5600A

    I don't have that particular model, but with the one that wakes me up every morning, I have to go into alarm mode and cancel it. Sorry, that's the only way I know. You might consult your manual.
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    Re: Stopping the snooze on an alarm - G-5600A

    There is a way: Press "adjust" in the main time-keeping screen till the seconds start blinking (or maybe the city code - whichever comes first - I think on the G-5600 it's the city code) - then press "adjust" again to leave the setting screen - this will stop the snooze but leave the alarm on it's current setting.

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