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    Stopwatch problem

    One thing I don't like about most G-Shocks is the buttons on the stopwatch feature. The only good one I've found is the DW5600, the classic. It has the start/stop button on the upper right side, and the reset button is on the left in the top recessed button.

    Most G-Shocks have the start/stop on the lower right, and the reset on the upper right. Last weekend I went hiking and was using a DW6900. Not once but *twice* I accidentally reset the stopwatch back to zero after pausing it. Grrrr!

    With the DW5600, even if you hit the wrong button on the right side, the worst you will do is activate the Illuminator light.

    The DW-290 classic sports watch has the same buttons as the DW5600, which makes it another good one for stopwatch use.

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    Re: Stopwatch problem

    Some general thoughts on buttons and lighting:

    Timex has probably the nicest layout of stopwatch functionality. The only problem and this can be huge for some people is that if bumped the button will activate. I guess the G's are at the other end of the spectrum, too hard in some cases.

    Also I really wish the G-shock line would get a decent number of laps in stopwatch mode. I think there is one model that has this, the 2400. Hmm, now that I think about this what a great reason to buy another G-shock. Then I wouln't need a Timex at all.

    On other feature I like on Timex is when in night mode any button depressed lights up the watch and you can do things like easily set the alarm in the dark where as that is pretty tedious with a G. One downside to the new Timex models is now they backlight the numbers rather than the background, when it's dark that's fine, but when it's semi dark and a light would normally make things easier to read it makes it harder to read because the numbers become lit up, but there is still too much ambient light.

    Ok enough off topic rambling for one night:)
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    Re: Stopwatch problem

    I really prefer Casio's toughness over Timex's flimsy, easy-to-accidentally-press quality.

    Another problem with Timex is that their buttons also fluctuate between models, the Ironman and Expeditions having different buttons operating the same things, because though the basic stopwatch/lap function is essentially the same for both.

    Another reason I like Casio is it's simplicity. I wouldn't want the lap functions.

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    Re: Stopwatch problem

    With Casio I'm really used to the start/stop being at position D (where D is based on older layouts) so when they put it on the light button, although I can see that makes it easier, it does throw me sometimes :\
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