Storing Solar
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Thread: Storing Solar

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    Storing Solar

    I've been wearing my King exclusively for a while now. Feeling the urge to change it up to another one of my watches, but afraid to store my King away. Don't want it to completely lose its charge and I won't be able to use it again, or have to replace the battery. How do you guys typically store your solar G's so you can pick it up and throw it on at will no problem?

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    Re: Storing Solar

    modman, your solar charge is good for months. You can put your watch in a drawer for weeks and it will still be charged. On my G-Shocks that are not worn regularly I simply sometimes set them on a table by a window with sun coming in on the dial and that keeps them fully charged. Cheers, Bill P.

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    Re: Storing Solar

    If my Gs are not on my wrist, ALL of them, solar or not, are closed in my Pelican case. Once in a while I leave the case open by the window, but that's it.
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    Re: Storing Solar

    I keep all my 20 solar watches (Casio, Citizen, Seiko) on the shelf of a bookcase facing a window so they are always fully charged. This is the best way to maintain a manganese titanium lithium rechargeable battery and ensure a long trouble free life to the watch. BTW it is also written in all the manuals: try to keep the watch always fully charged

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    Re: Storing Solar

    Activate the power saving feature (PS), the watch will shutdown itself when you leave it in the dark.
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    Re: Storing Solar

    With power save enabled, the watch will enter a kind of hibernation mode in two steps. First, the display will be disabled, but everything else (such as atomic sync) will continue as normal. If not woken up during a week, the next level kicks in, also disabling the power intensive sync.

    Waking up the watch happens by tilting (like when using auto-EL), bringing into light or pressing a button. Therefore, placing the watch in a dark place is best suited for extended power save.

    A fully charged watch should survive up to about nine months without being charged. However, I would not allow them to go unattended that long, intermittently placing them in sunlight for an afternoon or two every one or two months.
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