Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

Thread: Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

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    Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

    I stumbled upon this Riseman on e-bay a few days ago, and have been considering making a bid. geName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=022
    I already have a MIY Riseman, and have just noticed a few problems with this one.
    1 - Module 1663 (MIY Riseman has module 1664)
    2 - The 2 coloured spots a 9 and 3'o clock are green and blue (MIY Riseman are both silver)
    3 - The buttons are silver (My MIY Riseman has 3 grey and 1 yellow buttons...(?))
    On looking on Risefreaks page below

    It looks like the seller has changed the bezel and band off a DW-9100B-2AV.

    Although it would still be a good buy, i thought i'd just give anyone a 'heads-up'

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    Re: Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

    Looks like the real deal to me but the points you noted certainly make it a bit of a concern. The seller might've made some modifications to it I suspect. I'd definitely enquire about it before bidding. Anyway, worth watching...

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    Re: Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

    thanks for sharing. the seller do says
    "If you have any questions then please ask before bidding."

    so when in doubt, just ask !!!!
    great collections of the Rise and muddie, btw !!!
    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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    Re: Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

    Yeah you're definitely right; it is a DW-9100BJ-2A with the MIY DW-9100YJ-9T clothes

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    Re: Strange dw-9100 Riseman on e-Bay.

    if its not stated in the auction, i'd avoid it, sellers should be totally honest about what they are selling. i hate 'frankenshocks'

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