Strange visions when I am thinking about a new watch..
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Thread: Strange visions when I am thinking about a new watch..

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    Strange visions when I am thinking about a new watch..

    Well, it is very strange and I am very curious if someone experiencing the same. It is hard to explain mainly because my English is not as good as I would like, but despite this I want to try it:

    Sometimes when I am thinking about a new watch and I am dreaming how amazing it will be when I will have it finally on my wrist, something happens - I have a vision that I already have this watch and I am in some situation - for example I look at the watch when I am in the house of my parents and my mother is cooking a dinner and everything is fine...or I am riding a car on the weekend trip with my little son and it is a great time...or I am a little boy (mainly when it is a vintage watch) and it is a holiday and I am playing with my friends on the playground with this watch on the wrist. Do you understand, what I am writing about? I have a vision about this watch - this vision remains and it is connected with the watch even when I receive it - almost always it is a positive nostalgic vision from the past, but sometimes, mainly when it is a new modern model, I have even a vision about the future - that it will be great when I will have the watch, that everything will be easier. I hope someone knows what I am writing about. Do you have these visions sometimes too?

    ..few times in the past also I had a new watch for the first or second day and something bad happened that day - then I associated this with the watch and in the end I sold that watch because when I wore it again, I remembered that bad experience and I started hating that watch.

    Strange..but I am curious if someone knows can write even about particular situations - it will be very interesting I think

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    Re: Strange visions when I am thinking about a new watch..

    I didn't have exactly that kind of vision as you are describing, but it was after I got a new watch: it was after I had been wearing the old watch 24/7 for almost 4 years, and I think within a few days after I got the new watch, which I immediately started wearing 24/7.

    Now, both the old (PRW-1500) and the new (GW-9300) watches have compass.

    And what happened was that I had a dream in which I was in an unknown city and I needed to get to the railway station. And I was in a park and there was a tram going through that park. And I didn't know in which direction I should take the tram, so what I did was I checked the compass to see where north and south is; and by that I decided in which direction I wanted to take the tram.

    Now, and I remember that very clearly, I was wearing the new watch in that dream, not the old one I had been used to! (Which (meaning the new one) of course was on my wrist also in reality :) )
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    I have a memory of seeing a Frogman in a store in the 90's and commenting about what an unusual watch it was. The sales lady said it was really special and expensive. I forgot about it, and then years later when discovering g-shocks I came across the Frogman line and instantly remembered being in that store and seeing it. The Frogman has always had a kind of strange aura about it for me. I have owned dozens of them but no more than 10 at any one time. I tend to cycle through my watches so I don't usually get attached to any single watch, but I do have special attachments to certain types of watches.
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    Re: Strange visions when I am thinking about a new watch..

    A few months ago I was really liking the look of the 8900 G Lides and was contemplating getting one. Then i had this really satisfying dream in which I walk into a small watch store n on display were all the G Lides ever made past and present. The shop owner was so impressed with my love of G Shocks that he told me I could have all of em for free. I took all of em, went home and tried each n every one of them. When I woke up for a brief moment or two I still thought I had them G Lides. Even made my mind up to wear the black positive GWX8900. felt a bit depressed when I realized it was all a dream.
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