Strap for an old frog?

Thread: Strap for an old frog?

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    Strap for an old frog?

    The strap on my old Seaman (dw9950) is getting cracked and it's time to replace it. The problem is that it is quite hard to find any resin for this oldie. I've found some bezel covers for the standard dw9900 that will fit (?), but not any straps. Can I use another strap? Will strapadapers fit?


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    Re: Strap for an old frog?

    don't have the 9900 series frogman, but I am 95% sure that any frogman will fit, the question is will it look good with the bezel, you can also put a 6900/5600 strap on, i like the 6900 more because it is thicker
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