Stuck?GW9000a1 vs GR8900a1

Thread: Stuck?GW9000a1 vs GR8900a1

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    Stuck…GW9000a1 vs GR8900a1

    I am stuck between which one of these to get….. Gw9000a1 Mudman or GR8900a1 (all black)

    Has anyone used both? is there a distinct disadvantage/advantage over one or the other? I am a little bummed that the Mudman doesn't show both date and day at the same time….however, I think the 8900 looks a little busy….is the black background on the 8900 make it hard to see the time? in low light?

    Thanks, just having a hard time with which to get.

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    Re: Stuck…GW9000a1 vs GR8900a1

    I don't own either of these models. I have a GW 9010 Mudman which I like. Of the two you are considering, I prefer the all black GR8900a1. I like being able to see the day and date at the same time. Cheers, Bill P.

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