suggestions for module mods ga110 and dw5600
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Thread: suggestions for module mods ga110 and dw5600

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    suggestions for module mods ga110 and dw5600

    have had these on the backburner for awhile but thanks to mr wit raising the hypercolour yesterday ive starting thinking what modules would best suit them. theyre for my wife so bright/girlie colours (minimal black) are the way to go. not locked into only the ga110s - gd100s, ga100s etc are fine. ideally i'll be sourcing a cheap beated donor, so no over priced exotics or hard to find vintage models.

    im thinking maybe keep it simple with a ga100-7

    or a gd100ww

    or maybe bomb the purple with a gd100sc

    nothing in mind for the square, wouldnt mind hitting the faceplate with a bit of custom colour. are they removable like the dw6900s?
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    Re: suggestions for module mods ga110 and dw5600

    The GA100 I used in that FC resin looks awesome in my custom bro, would work well with the purple bez hey!
    I'm chasin a beater WW for something also ;) ill keep eyes open
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