Sweet memories the gems I had.....
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Thread: Sweet memories the gems I had.....

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    Sweet memories the gems I had.....

    Over the last year I had to sell some of my G-Shocks. Had some problems with my friends from the taxoffice .All in all it was an easy way to make some money without a substantial loss because all the models I had were bought at retail prices and you know what happened with some models. It all started with the sale of my Dee and Ricky. I wasn't to sad about it to be honest. Although I liked the watch it doesn't make my heart ache when I see it again. I have a special click with custom backlights and the Dee and Ricky didn't have that.
    The models I do miss however are the following. I still have the pics....
    The Spike Lee Limited:

    What a great model. The screwback made him nice and heavy and the overall look is so retro. The little brick wall display makes me think back of the eighties.
    Then I had the 5600 Rastafarian model...

    The dark green is awesome on this watch and the display with the Lion of Zion Backlight was great. I love Bob Marley and the reggae movement.
    One of my coolest DW6900 models was the Mr.Cartoon Ltd.

    The artwork on the strap was awesome and this was a really special model...
    Then I parted with my Eric Haze 5600.

    Really liked this one. The color scheme made me think of the Amsterdam soccer club Ajax that I support..
    Then my GLX6900 In4mation went away...

    This was a really cool model with a great color scheme.
    The last watch that I sold was the 5600 Surfrider.

    The color scheme was great because I am a huge Green Bay packers fan.

    That little surfer backlight is so cool!
    Wow posting them all together shocks me a little bit but I had to let them go. Some of you might think I am crazy but I am not the kind of guy that wants to be in debt. I have never had a loan or debt in my life and never will. I have some G's left so don't be too sad for me. I am starting over again and already scored the new Eric Haze 30th an edition. I am still on the hunt for nice models with a custom backlight. I think its a shame that the new anniversary models don't have them. Hope you enjoyed this sentimental yourney.
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