tell me about the GR-8900.....

Thread: tell me about the GR-8900.....

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    tell me about the GR-8900.....

    found these accidentally! i generally only wear the larger watches because of my wrist size. so im pretty limited to what actually fits me.

    why are they about $30 more than the gd 100 series?

    basically im down to the

    1000 frogman,
    gd-100 (xl series)
    barely the g9300 mudman

    and now im on the look out for an 8900....
    oris 49mm der meistertaucher

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    Re: tell me about the GR-8900.....

    They're gaining popularity among forum members, I would say -- I would include myself in that group. Nice clean, bold styling. If you do a search on the 8900s, you'll see some threads discussing various models.

    Like this one:

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