Temperature Calibration?

Thread: Temperature Calibration?

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    Temperature Calibration?

    Hi all..

    just got myself a Atomic Solar Triple Crown GShock (From HBWatches who I highly recommend)... anyway.. the temperature fuction -- do i need to calibrate it or leave it as? it's always reading 30celcius plus.. i understand my body heat attributes to that but to i calibrate it to take that into consideration or is this temp fuction only advantageous when watch is off?

    Also is it normal for these type of solar batteries charge to hover on M? does it require charging in direct sunlight for it to be high?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Temperature Calibration?

    Hi Rooster:

    First, great to have you on the WUS G-Shock forum, the benchmark forum for G-Shockers. You're among friends here.

    Nice watch! The temperature reading should have been set at the time the piece was manufactured. No further adjustment should be necessary.

    Are you having trouble with the temperature feature?

    Solar cells are a bit finicky. Try placing the watch on a window sill for an hour in bright sunlight. The watch should reach full charge. Wear it and periodically check the battery level. It should maintain a high charge level (depending on how often you activate the features). If it drops to medium charge that's not cause for concern. Periodic exposure to light should keep the battery charged.

    Enjoy your G-Shock!
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    Re: Temperature Calibration?

    thanks a bunch for your reply mike.. really appreciate it!

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    Re: Temperature Calibration?

    Hi Rooster;

    The temperature should be accurate when the watch has not been worn for a long period. Place it by another reliable thermometer in an empty room and after a few hours compare. If it's only out by a degree or so it's not worth adjusting. As a rule I've never had a Casio that was inaccurate from the factory.

    If you want to adjust the watch so that it gives fairly accurate readings on the wrist, that is possible with a certain amount of margin for error.

    I have calibrated most of my temperature models to read semi-accurately on my wrist. It's horses for courses here - different models are affected by your body heat at different rates. My PRG-60T has to be set at -8°C non adjusted to be accurate, whereas my PRG-40 and Riseman only need to be -6°C. This is probably due to different materials used radiating and conducting heat in different amounts.

    I usually leave my wrist next to a reliable thermometer whilst wearing the watch and watching TV or something and after an hour calibrate, then double-check over a few more intervals.

    The readign gets less accurate if you move to temperature extremes, but is still good enough for an indication.
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