Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?
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Thread: Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

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    Question Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

    I don't know much about Protreks but I just discovered the PRG-270 and to my surprise a forum search showed almost no hits.

    It has the new v3 sensors, it is nice and thin, it looks like a cross between the older Protreks and the new sleek PRW-3000 and it has lots of features.
    The only thing really missing is atomic but that also means if you shop around you could get it for $150! Which seems like a bargain for a Casio with compass, solar, barometer (altimeter) and thermometer. I mean even older Protreks cost at least that.
    As an added bonus it is available in lots of different colours.

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    stolen pic

    Sooo. what's going on, everybody to busy with the Rangeman?

    Bonus question: I thought in the US Protrek was called Pathfinder but no more?

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    Re: Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

    I had a choice between the PRG-270 and the PRW-3000 not too long ago, and I chose the latter for the following reasons:

    1. Slimmer profile
    2. Atomic (doesn't matter where I live but still..)
    3. I don't like the 270's sensor jutting out to the left
    4. I liked the ABC buttons of the 3000 better
    5. Slightly smaller screen area (at least from the pics it appears so) of the PRG-270
    6. Black buckle on the -ve display PRW-3000 as opposed to the shiny buckle of the -ve display PRG-270

    The retail price difference between the two models is around $50 in India and at the time there was a 20% sale going on that further narrowed this down to $40 so I took the plunge.

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    Re: Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

    No I prefer it. Looks more like a Protrek than the 3000.

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    Re: Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

    It looks fine to me, maybe it's not always available locally.
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    Re: Is there something wrong with the PRG-270?

    I now have a Ranger, but I have had both the 3000 and the 270. The 270 has a better build quality to it than the 240. The one thing that they changed with the 270 is the strap. They didn't use the "bar" system that most of the Protreks use now. The 270 has springbars.

    Yes, it used to be called Pathfinder at one time. Rumor has it that an agreement was made with Trek bicycle's to use the name Protrek here in the states. That's just what I've heard, whether there is any substance to that, I don't know.
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