Are these G Shocks Legitimate?

Thread: Are these G Shocks Legitimate?

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    Are these G Shocks Legitimate?

    Hi there guys, i'm new to the forum! I would love to know whether these G Shock's are real: | G-SHOCK DW6900-1V Black
    Casio Men's DW6900-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch: Watches:
    Casio G Shock DW6900 1V DW6900 Black Watch | eBay
    2013 Casio G Shock Digital DW 6900 DW 6900 1 DW 69000 1V Black Shock Resistant | eBay

    Thanks so much! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I am looking online because I don't know a retailer in Melbourne, Australia that sells them.
    Also, this is going to be my first G Shock, will it fit my wrist? I am currently using a Casio F-91W and wear it on the 3rd smallest hole.

    Thanks so much to whoever that reads this and helps me!
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    Re: Are these G Shocks Legitimate?

    Yes, they are real. The model you are looking at is DW-6900, the standard basic 6900.

    Can't go wrong with it

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