Thinnest, lightest, Atomic Solar G?

Thread: Thinnest, lightest, Atomic Solar G?

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    Thinnest, lightest, Atomic Solar G?

    What do you think?
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    Looking for: Seiko SCVS013; Citizen PMX56-2811; Citizen Campanola CTS57-0701.

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    Re: Thinnest, lightest, Atomic Solar G?

    I'd say GW-M5600?

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    Re: Thinnest, lightest, Atomic Solar G?

    That would be the GW056, of which I have a reversed display version. You can find it with regular display also:

    I like its design, and find the watch very comfortable. It has regular timekeeping, world time, five alarms, hourly signal, chrono and timer functions, but yoy have to consider that both the chrono and the timer run for 60 minutes only.

    And yes, the GWM5600 is second to this one.
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