thought this one was interesting......
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Thread: thought this one was interesting......

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    thought this one was interesting......

    ... so I scooped it out of the 'bay. 90's DW6900 with a few twists: velcro, fox fire, non tri-graph. Module 1449.
    Will post pics after cleanup and re-lettering.

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    Re: thought this one was interesting......

    Wow -- nice find!

    I'll admit that I don't know much about older G-Shocks, so while my first thought was "DW-6900 with the wrong module? What is that, some sort of Franken-watch?" that thought turned out to be WRONG!

    The wiki at has what appears to be a lot of comprehensive lists, including one of "G-Shock Models with Module Number," and it shows the DW-6900BF-1T and DW-6900X-8AT with the 1449 module. G-Shock Models with Module Number - G-Shock Wiki | casio watch resources

    I also found an old, expired, WUS "For Sale" post -- http:// -- that mentions "has the rare 1449 module."

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    Re: thought this one was interesting......

    Nice! That's a rare JDM 6900. A lot of people don't know that CASIO put different module into the 6900 early on, before they realized that the buying public really only wanted the 3-eyed version.

    I think this was a Winter Xtreme which would've been a Winter G-Lide outside of Japan.

    Just looked it up on Perfect Search;

    It's a DW-6900X-2T released in Japan in Nov. 1996

    Don't see any print on the watch, but CASIO's listing indicates that it had Low-temp resist LCD which has been a consistent feature of Winter G-Lides

    This was one of 4 DW-6900X colorways and these were the first Winter Xtreme/G-lide G-Shocks ever. 1996 was the birth year of Xtreme/G-Lide.
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    Re: thought this one was interesting......

    Hey, by coincidence I am wearing mine today
    Mine is the Black Flys (DW6900BF) version, very similar.
    Originally had a similar (transparent) bezel and strap. As a result my module casing is white colour.
    I just put on a standard dw6900 resin set.
    So at least you can see how it will look in standard dw6900 resin.

    I really love this module, it looks cool like DW004 or reversed Dw003. It has a nice balance to the display as well. Also the Illuminator, sorry 'Fox Fire', is a really bright azure blue.
    Mine says Japan M
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