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    Question Tide mode numbers meaning?

    I'm trying to figure out some numbers on the tide mode of my Casio 3134 PAW-1500 Pathfinder watch. When I select the tide mode the display first shows the moon turning, the year at the top, today's date at the bottom, and the tide bar sloshing back and forth. Once it has calculated the tide for the date it displays a time (default 0600), the date still on the bottom. The moon has stopped to show the phase. To the right of the moon are numbers separated by a decimal point. Left of the decimal is the age of moon in days since new (0-29).

    What does the number to the right of the decimal indicate? It ranges from 0-9.

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    Re: Tide mode numbers meaning?

    That number is partial day of the age of moon, say 24.5 days.

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    Re: Tide mode numbers meaning?

    macbrush has it correct. It is the partial date age of the moon for that month. Think of it this way. When I ask my young daughter how old she is, it is never 5 or 6. It is always "I'm 5 and a 1/4, 5 1/2, etc. She just turned 6, so it now 6 and 1/12. lol
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