Time For an Updated Square, But...

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    Time For an Updated Square, But...

    I have a G-5600e and wish for two things: That it had bigger digits and that it had atomic time. The GW 5000 is overpriced, in my opinion, and I am concerned about the possibility of the feds shutting down the clock. The red stripe on the 5610 kills that model for me.

    I think I can give up on the idea of bigger digits and less clutter.

    I like the GW-B5600 concept. They seem to be using updated technology (Bluetooth) butName:  casio.JPG
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Size:  54.5 KB I can't get right with negative displays. And the yellow one? Um, nope!

    Who knows what Casio has planned, but I think it would be nice if they expanded the GW-B5600 line with positive displays.

    Any opinions on them or the prospect of seeing more Bluetooth watches?

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    I'm thinking the same thing but I might go with the gold gw-b5600bc since that's the only one with a positive display.

    What I'm also waiting is for an updated gw-5600 with bluetooth.

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    Re: Time For an Updated Square, But...

    I would love to try new module. But I'm in no rush. I'm quite certain that sooner or later Casio will release a positive display version that I like.

    For gwm-5610-1A, I find that red stripe is very attractive.

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    Re: Time For an Updated Square, But...

    Maybe wait until next year they may have a positive display model that is worth your liking.

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    Re: Time For an Updated Square, But...

    The updated combi bracelet plus the better backlight are big pluses for the B5600's. I would expect most of the G Shock product line is reissued with the 3459 module (or some close variant of it) eventually. So, you will see positive display models, and I do think we will get an overhauled GW5000. As for timing, anybody's guess. Could be soon, could be years and years.
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