TJ MAXX squares are droppin.

Thread: TJ MAXX squares are droppin.

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    TJ MAXX squares are droppin.

    Lady luck was with me yesterday as I scored a DW-5600cmb-1 Rasta breezy for 54.00.with a nice tin and papers I can see why these are going for 99.00 elsewhere.the strap has a nice rubber feel to it,and the segments are a deep inky black,great for these 57 yr old eyes to pick up time quick.this is for sure a step up from the 5600E variant where the resin band is stiff and the grey segments ghost out.I prefer understated G,s so don,t let the Rasty breezy moniker fool you.
    there is a splash of color here and there on the text,and the underside of the strap is a teal color but otherwise this is not a loud colorway.def a step up from the E.
    salesperson says each store gets a least one.bought this one local but can confirm there are 3 TJMAXX within 30 miles of me and almost picked up a second at the Albany NY location.

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    Re: TJ MAXX squares are droppin.

    Neat. Would love to see a photo! I keep trying to convince myself to get one of these quasi-Caribbean theme squares, but just justify pulling the trigger.

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    Re: TJ MAXX squares are droppin.

    Checked my tj yesterday, unfortunately all they had was a few Invictas. Will go back every once in a while, would love to score a deal on a G-shock. Anyone know if other discount stores carry them, like Ross?

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