The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA
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Thread: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

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    The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Welcome to the grand return of The G-Shock Travels!

    for those who don't know, our esteemed moderator Kronos recently purchased a DW-6900 with the intent of sending it out into the world to visit the many different places our forum members live, and have some adventures in the process. by the time it finds it's way back home, it will have many pictures and stories to tell from all over the earth. for some ungodly reason, he sent it to me first, so without further ado, let's get on with it!


    Name:  2012-04-30_15-36-02_130.jpg
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    to start from home, this is my "man-cave" room where i do all my internet buffoonery, DJ mixes/audio recording, all my books and records, etc. i wont spend too much time at home with the pics but i think since this is where i do most of my Watch-ing and joking about with you guys, it might be nice to show the "office space" as it were.

    Name:  2012-04-30_15-34-04_904.jpg
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    my main work desk looks a bit different than most i would assume; stacks of vinyl everywhere and an odd assortment of action figures which i SWEAR i dont collect, but somehow they keep coming home with me when i see a cool one.

    Name:  2012-04-30_15-34-53_410.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_15-36-29_901.jpg
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    the 6900 is a bit tiny on me, so i put it on as best i could for a few pics and the sake of the journey's end having a goodly wrist-count.

    anyhow, let's get outside...

    Name:  2012-04-30_15-36-48_958.jpg
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    South Carolina is the land of back porch decks, hot tubs, and woodland backyards. most every neighborhood has a scene like this; the house way in the background in on the next street over from mine. new houses are going up like crazy and most have backyards like mine.

    Name:  2012-04-30_15-37-08_139.jpg
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    its nearly impossible for me to set my Tough Solar models outside to charge because tree shade covers most of my house. little rays of sun break through once in a while but thats about it. this lower deck could really use a hot tub but i never got around to it :)

    alright, lets get out of the house and go downtown for some lunch:

    Name:  Greenville.jpg
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    Greenville is neither large nor tall, but as you can see in the background, mountains are never very far away and there's a nice selection of hometown micro-breweries and restaurants here. plenty of comedy clubs, playhouse theaters, and nightlife, whichever is your thing. many of the restaurants here sport a HUGE variety of beer from around the world, more than a few kinds are made right in the restaurant itself.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-04-12_54.jpg
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    in the evenings this place is packed but mid-afternoon, you can have the whole place to yourself:

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-06-23_274.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-06-57_811.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-10-30_650.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-07-09_682.jpg
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    another common occurence here is to hang large american memorabilia in the front lobby of most eateries. the southeast USA is extremely proud of itself, but then most places are in a way.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-10-13_393.jpg
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    after a pint or two, im ready to take a walk downtown. just 2 blocks from the restaurant is a very cool suspension bridge overhanging a waterfall; this bridge has the unique feature of being held up on only 1 side, and curves around the river while doing so.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-04-34_682.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-18-19_351.jpg
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    kept trying to sneak pics of my wife but she's more wily than me :)

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-19-08_538.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-19-30_975.jpg
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    this park runs under and around the entire downtown area, under the bridge, follows the river, and even down to the Zoo, some baseball fields, the school art centers and many neighborhoods. they made it so the park is not a single large area, but a large amount of small areas that all connect by bicycle paths and walking paths. i've walked for miles on these paths and still not seen everywhere that this "park" leads to.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-19-43_434.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-19-51_249.jpg
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    the restaurant in the above pic even caters to people with dogs, they have it set up so the dogs have a place nearby to rest and drink water while you grab a quick bite to eat. the bridge is in the background, and is q littl scary to walk on seeing how its suspended from one side only.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-22-44_128.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-23-13_428.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-20-41_770.jpg
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    i tried to explain the whole thing to her but she just shakes her head and says "whatever darling" and waits patiently for me to take pictures of stuff we see every day :)

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-21-49_69.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-23-26_867.jpg
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    if you keep going under the bridge and up the waterfall, the river continues through the heart of the city with lots of stores, coffee shops, botiques and playhouses bult right alongside it.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-34-59_389.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-35-19_199.jpg
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    in the picture above, there is a very old building which has long since been empty by fires and such but by some miracle, the outside walls still stand and nothing is left inside; so it looks like a framework of bricks with no purpose, just 2 stories of empty windows. the city left this here, open to the air, so the park paths walk straight through it. every now and then someone will have a concert in this empty skeleton of a bulding, and you can hear the music all through the park/river area.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-35-41_145.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-41-57_222.jpg
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    if you continue past all this and into Main street and downtown proper, even though the city has several buildings that reach 20 and 30 stories, it's hard to see from the street in the summertime because there are trees on every corner, keeping the sidewalks cool in 95 degree heat.

    my favorite street is here named E. Coffee, because of the little underground coffee shop hidden under the street level that is my favorite place in downtown. under the sidewalk is the entrance, and then inside and through the coffee shop proper, you can walk through a reading lounge and down a few stairs further into the earth, and there is a comedy club and community theatre hidden snug into the back. many of the city's most fun destinations are simply a door on the sidewalk, which opens to a few flights of stairs down into the street below.

    (splitting the post here because of so many pics)
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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    if you will notice in my last pic, there is a tiny piece of bronze on the widewalk at the top of the steps. near a large water fountain at the beginning of main street, there is a tiny metal sculpture of a mouse reading a book. the book goes on to explain that there are many of these tiny metal mice hidden throughout the downtown area, and a challenge is given to hunt them down one by one. this little mouse guards the entrance to the coffee underground:

    Name:  2012-04-30_15-06-21_31.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-45-40_947.jpg
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    i will sometimes brave finding a place to park and fighting downtown traffic to come down here and get a Peanut Butter Coffee, one of the best things this city has to offer. today is a bit hot so we got the PB Frozen Mocha version.

    Name:  2012-04-30_14-49-30_515.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_14-50-41_171.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_15-06-55_638.jpg
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    Name:  2012-04-30_15-09-04_858.jpg
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    this street is a bit crazy, a japanese sushi place sits beside a chinese place, beside a mexican restaurant, across from a thai restaurant, next to an american burger joint, next to an ice cream shop, etc etc etc

    Name:  2012-05-05_12-03-17_590.jpg
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    back at my second job, a comic store, we are celebrating the yearly Free Comic Book Day event which we do every year, as many comic shops do across the country. we give away thousands of free comics and everyone from Poison Ivy and Darth Vader to Batman and Thor may show up at any time. in just a second, there are a few pics that i guarantee no one else will have!

    Name:  2012-05-05_14-51-23_717.jpg
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    Name:  2012-05-05_18-33-36_973.jpg
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    yes, that's a life-size Silver Surfer cruising the cosmos with his G-Shock!

    Name:  2012-05-05_18-33-49_355.jpg
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    and look who else is wearing one...

    Name:  2012-05-05_18-34-23_97.jpg
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    so truly now, by the time this DW-6900 finds it's way home to Kronos, some truly "spectacular" people have worn it :)

    night time, and we have a show to play in downtown at a club called Blu Martini:

    Name:  downtowngreenville-night.jpg
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    Name:  2012-03-24_21-12-10_445.jpg
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    Name:  2012-03-24_22-46-44_865.jpg
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    Shadow Council is the name of our group of DJ's, so it's nice to see our wives doing their part to support:

    Name:  2011-11-11_21-44-31_538.jpg
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    oh and while i was there, i caught another burning red!! need to update the "caught in public" thread...

    Name:  2012-03-22_20-39-35_565.jpg
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    so that's about it for a day in Greenville, this DW-6900 had some fun with us and tomorrow it's off to the United Kingdom for whatever awaits it there.

    thanks for watching, vol 2 coming soon

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing the pics!

    I know little of South Carolina, but Greenville looks to be quite a beautiful place. That park looks amazing!

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    right across from the park is an indoor miniature golf place, its very cool. a few of the holes on the back 9 are lights-out, black light only :)

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Awesome photos!

    Haha I can only imagine your wife's reaction... Mine would be rolling her eyes :D

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Nice photos, I have lived in Greenville for 6 years now and have never been downtown, this post has inspired me to make the trip. :)

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Quote Originally Posted by clikclok View Post
    Awesome photos!

    Haha I can only imagine your wife's reaction... Mine would be rolling her eyes :D
    Same with my wife......rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the sometime. Lol

    Awesome pics man! That's a really nice downtown area you have there. It doesn't have that big city feel. It looks more relaxed and peaceful. Plus that park looks cool!
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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Fantastic travelog Brendan.

    This is a great start to the 'G's world tour. Must have taken a fair while to take all those shots and I am sure everyone on here is grateful for your time and efforts.

    Greenville looks to be a nice friendly place to live, with a lot of civic pride on display. Nice backyard BTW.


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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    Pity of the poor bastard with the next trip thread. He will have some trouble to get close of yours, awesome brother!! Beautifull place you live. Thanks for the good laughs on "Whatever darling...". lol

    Go Team Bravus!!

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    Re: The Traveling DW-6900 vol. 1 - Greenville, South Carolina, USA

    What a wonderful photo story... I was lucky enough to have stayed in South Carolina a few years back in Charleston, it bough back many great memories. The laid back nature of the culture, the wooded back yards, just brilliant - thank you.

    By the way, your wife... you do know you're punching way above your weight, don't you?
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