trouble with 1627 module?

Thread: trouble with 1627 module?

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    trouble with 1627 module?

    bought a mint looking g-lide dw 9000 from ebay, but the mvmt seems screwy. doesnt adjust, backlight only activated by d-button, b- button doesnt advance the movement through the various functions. the battery is new and the movement was reset, but only restarts from 12 and cannot be adjusted. ive been looking for a junker to replace the movement, or does anybody have experience with this obvious malfunction.

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    Re: trouble with 1627 module?

    Hi Weber,

    It might be that the module popped out of the case and the pushers of the buttons are now under the contacts. You can get the contacts in place with a small screwdriver.

    I believe Schirra had the same problem reported earlier today:

    Left is how it should be (if a button is pushed), right is what probably cause the problem. 1 is the button, 2 is a metal contac lip, 3 is the contact on the module.


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