Trouble setting World Time (WT) on a G-7700

Thread: Trouble setting World Time (WT) on a G-7700

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    Question Trouble setting World Time (WT) on a G-7700

    I'm having a bit of difficulty setting the WT cities on a G-7700. It seems that it is set on NYC and LON now and I would like to change them. When I click the "mode" button to get into World Time (WT) mode, I click "adjust", but this only toggles on and off the daylight savings time mode (DST). Does anyone know how I can adjust these cities? I purchase the watch in Japan and the instructions I received are in Japanese.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Trouble setting World Time (WT) on a G-7700

    You should have more luck with this:

    Since the G-7700 displays two world time cities of which one can also be chosen as a second timezone on the main time-keeping display you can only change one of the world-time cities in the world time menu - and you don't use adjust but scroll east and west with the start/stop and reset button. The other world-time city has to be changed in the main time-keeping mode.

    cheers, Sedi

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