Two new Gs, and some help needed!

Thread: Two new Gs, and some help needed!

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    Two new Gs, and some help needed!

    Hello all,

    So because our JC Pennys stock is so low, I hit up the Sunglasses hut one town over, and what do we have, a G-Lide 7200 and a MTG 920! both on sale for 80 a piece. Im pretty sure the G-Lide isnt in production anymore. I was really in the market for a MI-III MTG910, but at the price it was pretty hard to turn down.

    The help I need is with the tide chart. I set the watch while I went to the beach, and to my dismay the tide chart on the watch is nowhere close to where the actual tide was! Am I missing something? I had the right time zone and Longitude set, but its still way off. Has anyone else had similar problems? Anyhow, here is a pic of my two new Gs:
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    Re: Two new Gs, and some help needed!

    "My watch buying policy reaches up to $29.99. PM me if interested" - Vintage

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