Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals
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Thread: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

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    Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    Over the past week I've managed to snag a couple of fairly rare DW-5600's. The first being from a seller off of here; a DW-5600CF-2JF. I've never really been that into camo G-Shocks but the large amount of discussion of them earlier in the summer sparked my interest. It was also great to find one of these for sale in Europe as opposed to Japan or the USA. This meant no worries over shipping and customs.

    The watch arrived in a standard hex case but with no manual or cloth. I wasn't too concerned though as I knew this beforehand. The watch itself is immaculate. The seller stated he had only had it on when in the house a few times and it shows. The only slight flaw is a few marks on the case-back. That's easily forgotten though. The gold display gives this a really nice finish and surprisingly matches the blue camo really well.

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    The second pick-up is a much rarer beast. This ones an eBay find and it's an ALIFE X G-Shock 'Three Six Bloody Three Six' DW-5600E that was released in conjunction with a music session at the NY ALIFE store in August 2008. It's one of a limited edition of 100 and apparently a rap crew called "Three Six Mafia" played that night (I'm afraid my rap knowledge is limited to more mainstream groups such as Wu Tang, Bodycount and Digital Underground). Needless to say, i never expected one of these to show up on eBay, and not from a seller in the UK either.

    The bad part of this though is that the watch came with absolutely no packaging. It was put in a plastic bag and sent second class. When I opened it earlier today the plastic blister it comes in was creased all around the top and sides and the cardboard backing was creased along the top. I know lots of people don't worry about this sort of stuff but when it's a limited edition that you'll probably never get a better one of, it does sting a bit. Especially when it could easily have been avoided by a little care and packaging. Anyway, enough QQ'ing and on with the pics...

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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    very cool, I just picked up the blue camo as well. first time I see the alife

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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    Superb streak. Absolutely lovely. Enjoy in the best of health!

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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    Congrats mate! Esp love that G-Python. Nice catch. Enjoy'em all.

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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    Whoa, that is awesome. love the camo G!

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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    Great pickups on both 5600 Paul! Especially love the 5600CF and the ALIFE, Cheers!
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    You find all the great stuff Paul! :). Congrats! That 5600CF is a nice piece.


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    Re: Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals

    nice pickups, except it makes me irrate when people send stuff unpackaged....ridiculous.

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    Love the blue camo. Wow. I may need to pm tsip about doing up a king. . .
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