My two latest watches arrived last week. One used (DW-8800) and one mint & unworn NOS (DW-9550). I'll start on with the 8800.

Aurele Codename DW-8800AB-9T

The only thing missing from this well worn G was the strap removal tool that it shipped with. A small price to pay for such a classic (see Sjors in depth article about it on 50-G's). The velcro band is in pretty good condition and looks relatively unworn. You can tell the other strap was the previous owners favourite and I think getting another one of these straps will be next to impossible.

The bezel itself is in good condition on the front with a few scuffs on the sides, near the buttons. The back still had the protective plastic on it.

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I'd not seen this G-Shock before i spotted it on eBay from the same Japanese seller as the Aurele and from the pictures on the auction it didn't look that great. I'm glad I won the auction though as pictures don't come close to how great this looks in the flesh. The band is striking and the colours on the face look absolutley perfect. Not too bright and not too underwhelming. It's the first velcro strap that I've seen that really works too (although the Aurele yellow strap looks good, it isn't in the same league as this).

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And finally a quick preview of my most recent find (and boy was it a good one)

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