Two years with G-Shocks
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Thread: Two years with G-Shocks

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    Two years with G-Shocks

    Two years ago I bought my first G-Shock. Inspired by Tse_tse and Starsream1017 threads I decided to create my own.

    Piowa’s G collection:


    1) G-7800-1 [sold]
    Name:  01.jpg
Views: 3569
Size:  253.4 KB
    I chose my first G because of its unusual look. Then I realized it has unusual module as well. Best start-stop time in stopwatch game (0.09 seconds). I didn’t like that seconds were the same size as hours and minutes.

    2) DW-5000SL [sold]
    Name:  02.jpg
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    After buying my first G I began reading WUS and Polish forums. Soon I found out that square screwback is the quintessential G. I bought new Spike Lee for a bargain price (about 60 Euros). I think it was the last one left at Polish retailers. The watch felt not very well balanced on my hand. I found logo in the backlight annoying.

    3) GX-56-1A [sold]
    Name:  03.jpg
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Size:  189.7 KB
    I had it for 18 months. Here is the full story:


    4) GX-56-4A [sold]
    Name:  04.jpg
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Size:  230.8 KB
    For a moment I wanted to collect all 7 Kings. I started with an orange one. Unfortunately I found its display to be harder to read than in my red King. The bezel was different shade of orange than the belt.

    5) SGW-100 [sold]
    Name:  05.jpg
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Size:  243.8 KB
    My first non-G. Bought for thermometer function as a vacation watch. It was the most accurate watch I have ever had. It gained only 1 second per month. It felt too light and fragile compared with G.

    6) G-9000-8 „Stormtrooper” [sold]
    Name:  06.jpg
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Size:  216.6 KB
    Bought it used and slightly discolored. Buttons were really hard to press.

    7) DRO-204 [sold]
    Name:  07.jpg
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Size:  220.0 KB
    Cheap buy, quirky design, but very uncomfortable on my wrist.


    8) GD-350-8 [sold]
    Name:  08.jpg
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Size:  247.6 KB
    Bought new, one of the first pieces in Poland. I like features and look, but I found wings very uncomfortable. I unscrewed them, but it wasn’t much better.

    9) MDV-106 [sold]
    Name:  09.jpg
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Size:  276.6 KB
    My only analog watch. Elegant, solid and cheap. After wearing it for few weeks I discovered I am strictly digital guy. MDV was useless in the dark.

    10) GL-121 [sold]
    Name:  10.jpg
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    Bought out of curiosity, because it was extremely cheap. I paid less than 10 Euro shipped. Sold for much more probably because of bullbars.

    11) GX-56-1B
    Name:  11.jpg
Views: 3399
Size:  217.3 KB
    My best G. Period.

    12) DW-5600C „Speed” [sold]
    Name:  12.jpg
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Size:  217.0 KB
    Small, retro watch for vacation. Very comfortable on the wrist during long, summer bike trips. However once you try King, you don't want to wear anything smaller.

    13) DW-5600C „Speed” [sold]
    Name:  13.jpg
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    Had it for just one day. Bought in “like new” condition for about 40 Euros. Sold for much more.

    14) GX-56-1A
    Name:  14.jpg
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    I missed my red King, so I bought another (slightly used) one.

    Now I have two Kings. I can’t decide which is my favourite one. Time will tell.

    What next?
    GXW-56? Too pricey. Maybe G-7800 again? Rangeman? First I am going to see in person.

    Cheers, Piowa
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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    Nice watches you owned!

    I like the 5600c the most.
    The GX-56 is nice too, but the 5600 is still the basic configuration of a ruggerized digital watch.

    Unfortunally im not able to sell any of my preciuos Gs.....

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    Two years with G-Shocks

    Hardly won't let go any of my G''s or of my other watches. Somehow depressing seeing all the nice G's have left you
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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    Nice collage, great to see them all at once

    Still few models out there for you to try, maybe 7900, 6900, 5500, 8900... Or maybe the new extra large 6900, I think GDX-6900. It's big, maybe the size won't dissapoint you compared to King.

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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    agree with Crater……….should try the X6900, its almost king big and has a lot of the same functions, and a very bright EL

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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks


    I spread my love to digital watches across my family

    Here is my wife's Nike GPS
    Name:  Mama.jpg
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Size:  199.8 KB

    My older son's W-740
    Name:  Maciek.jpg
Views: 3211
Size:  223.2 KB

    and my younger son's W-202
    Name:  Marcin.jpg
Views: 3441
Size:  254.9 KB

    Cheers, Piowa

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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    Nice Piowa! I was wondering what other G's you've been through.

    Like you I genuinely enjoy the kings, fortunately I also do not have the desire to own all 7!

    You inspire me quite a bit to "right size" my collection, and thank you very much for that! Glad to have the black/red back in your possession?

    sent with aloha
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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    Piowa, I really admire your ability to let go of G-Shocks. In my case, I have too much of a broad minded personality and find it hard to let go of something if there's an attribute I like about it. Recently I've been able to overcome it... somewhat. Once I've sold off a few more G-Shocks, perhaps I'll do a similar thread.

    I'm still not a fan of the King. I admire it for its sheer ruggedness, undeniably the best of the whole G-Shock line. But it's bigger than I like. All I'd seen were the negative display ones in person, which I found difficult to read. But I must say, I also feel your GX-56-1B is the best looking King of the lot. Perhaps one day I'll get one. If anything, just to own it for a while and have some wrist-King experience to speak from.
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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    all the words "sold" put smiles in my face, don't know why I find this thread funny LOLz

    I thought you had more Gshocks than this, though

    you should try out the G-8900 or the upcoming GLS8900, big digits and kindda refreshing
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    Re: Two years with G-Shocks

    Good thread.

    Interesting to see how quickly you have moved on so many watches.


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