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    Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    A similar thread was posted in the Dive Watch Forum. Credit goes to phazer for the idea and some examples. I've modified it as I saw fit for the G-Shock forum. Here's a link to his original post: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f74/ult...ch-232322.html

    So let's get down to it. What G would you guys pick if you were going on an around-the-world trip? You can only take ONE watch with you, and you're set on taking a G. Wherever you stop, you are doing some activity there. For example, say you stop in California and race in the Baja 500 (race across the desert). Of course, you have to do maintenance on your car, so it will not only be exposed to lots of sand, but to oil/grease as well.

    You stop in Australia and do some deep-sea scuba diving, going down a few hundred feet. Extreme water resistance is very important, as is visibility. You go to the Amazon and spend some time in the rainforest, exposing your watch to plenty of mud, etc. In France, you do some snowboarding and rock climbing. For your next adventure, you see how high you can climb up Mount Everest, exposing your G to the bitter cold.

    And the trip takes you a couple of years to complete. Unfortunately, all your G's are a couple years old (I know, highly unlikely), and you aren't able to change the battery before you leave. So long battery life is very important.

    And, to make it really interesting, you are invited by royalty to some event in the middle of your adventures. Therefore, this watch will also be worn with a tux. In addition, there will be morning activities, so you will need a loud alarm (or multiple) in order to make sure you aren't late for the event. But you will also need be able to mute it, so that no accidental button-pressing will let off a loud beep in the middle of the event.

    Now, I don't think I'll ever have the time or funds to go on a trip like this, but just wanted to see, out of sheer curiosity, what G you would take.

    Thanks again to phazer for the idea.
    Keep on ticking...

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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    I used to list my watches here until I realised it ruined people's Google searches...

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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    GLS-5500 - when it will hopefully be available in all black. I'm not such a big fan of the colors it was released in so far (white, blue and yellow). Maybe I'll have to mod one .
    - CR2025 '10-year-battery'
    - mud-resistant but the buttons are not as hard as on the Mudman
    - not too big and very slim
    - very comfy strap
    - low-temp resist LCD

    Second choice:

    Greetings, Sedi
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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    DW-5000SL - screw back with one of the best basic modules for a great price. (but can not mute)

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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    I'm planning a similar trip (although I doubt I'll be in a tux) and I am taking my Mudman Stormtrooper. It's survived one such trip before without a scratch on it!!

    It's pretty much indestructable, smart looking but not too flashy to draw attention to itself and can handle whatever I throw at it. Plus, the price is right!

    So my vote is for a Mudman!
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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    Personally, I will take my GLS-5600L-4 mod because its
    - Classic 5600
    - Smaller size
    - Interchangeable bezel/starp and other parts(G5600s, GLX5600s, GWM5600s, GLS5600s, amd GWS5600s)
    - Very functional module(two 100hr stopwatchs, 24hr timer with current time, etc)
    - Easily replaceable long lasting CR2025 battery
    - Low temperature resistance LCD

    But then again, if there will be lot of dirt/sand/mud/grease involved,
    GLS-5500s may be a better choice with its covered buttons as Sedi suggested.
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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    dw-6900, they buttons have easy access, the sound is loud and bright, the light is the best you can get.
    gerry fonklover

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    Right now it would be this one. Though ...

    ...I may only dive to 130' . Been down to 212' and there's really nothing to see. Oh yeah it would probably be a Solar/Atomic Mudman instead if I had it... (yet). Cheers -Ronbo

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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    Any G-Shock would be able to cope with all that.
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    Re: Ultimate Adventure G-Shock

    The toughest challenge seems to be the tux... I'd go with a Giez with snooze alarm.

    If it wasnt for the Royal Event, I'd stick with the Riseman.
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