Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

Thread: Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

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    Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

    Hi all,

    Here's the final update on my G-5600 that I was having the "RECOVER" problem with....

    After going back to Casio UK for a 3rd time, I got a phone call from their customer service dept a couple of days ago. They confirmed it is a known problem with the module (2597) and they could not guarantee a replacement module would not develope the same fault. BUT because it's a Japan only model Casio UK are not able to get a replacement.
    They had already replaced the battery (twice) and the solar panel.

    But as a show of good faith they returned my G-5600 to me with a new DW-5600B.

    I managed to score a G-5600RB of the bay a while ago and it shows no sign of the fault, Seiya-san emailed me some time ago stating he would sort it out if Casio UK couldn't so i may take him up on his offer when he returns.

    It's the only Casio watch i've had that's been faulty so i'm not too upset by it . But as a bit of retail therapy i pick up a G-7700 and quite like it .

    I agree with previous posts about the 1/1000 sec stopwatch being OT but the screen in real life isn't that cluttered and the TOD digits are quite large (bigger than the DW-5600 and slightly smaller than the G-5600). It does wear quite small (due to the dial/bezel ratio) and the strap is very soft and pliable (and quite long for my 7" wrist). The alarm is a different tone from my other G's and the green and red LEDs are nice

    have a good weekend!
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    Re: Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

    Gordon, I was wondering how that turned out. Sounds like the saga isn't over yet but that at least you are getting some action taken. It's a shame because it's a great G-Shock overall but there do seem to be a few quirky problems with them and the solar issue.
    I have a GW-5600 with no malfunctions so far but I'm not overly confident in it. I wouldn't take it trekking across the Antarctic, for example, but I'm happy to wear it shopping.

    I hope it all works out for the best.

    Thanks for the pics too

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    Re: Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

    It sounds like Casio UK have done everything they could, and it's interesting that they acknowledge that it's a known problem.
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    Rolling eyes Re: Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

    Hi Gordon,

    I can only say that Tribe has already said. I think Casio UK has done their best.


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    Re: Update on G-5600 "recover" problem

    so Casio UK can't fix your G5600 but send you a free DW5600B? not bad

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