US Military Issued G-Shocks?
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Thread: US Military Issued G-Shocks?

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    US Military Issued G-Shocks?

    I have been searching all around this forum, and I came up with the link below.

    My question is, does the US military still issue watches to US special ops guys?
    Or basically, can one in the military wear whatever watch they want to?

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    Re: US Military Issued G-Shocks?

    I'm not military, did do some time in college ROTC, so here's my take: we weren't issued watches, and none of our cadets who were prior enlisted were issued watches either (this came up in class one day). I've heard tales of drill sergeants marching their recruits down to the PX to buy essentials, one of which would be a cheap Casio digital (probably something like a F-91W), but even those were bought with the recruits own money. That's probably the closest bit I've heard to issue watches recently. I'd say most just wear what they like, provided it meets uniform standards; that's the way it was during my cadet time.

    I've read of Frogmen (SEAL nowadays) getting issued Rolex watches (Submariners in particular) back in the 60s and 70s, but I'd say that no longer happens nowadays with the Rolex being as expensive as it is and the ongoing repair costs. They probably adopted G-Shocks when they came out and put the Rolex on the shelf once and for all.

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    Re: US Military Issued G-Shocks?

    I don't believe the U.S. military issues any watches to its personnel. I took a look at the thread ref'd by the OP, and I really do not believe that the U.S. military EVER issued watches to Muslims that had a compass pointing toward Mecca! That is complete BS. It falls under the category of ridiculous info that you can find on the Internet.

    If you read some of the hundreds of reviews for the DW-5600E on Amazon, it sounds as though that watch was chosen by (not issued to) many military personnel, including possibly Special Ops.
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    Re: US Military Issued G-Shocks?

    Quote Originally Posted by dwfreak View Post
    My question is, does the US military still issue watches to US special ops guys?
    Or basically, can one in the military wear whatever watch they want to?
    If you've been searching all over this forum, I'm surprised that you didn't run across any of these threads on pretty much the same topic:

    The short version from most of those threads: while some of the earliest G's might have been issued by one or two particular UNITS, the US military does not normally nor currently issue wristwatches to personnel and leaves the purchase to the individual, subject to certain specifications, ie. certain colors aren't going to match some uniform standards.

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    Re: US Military Issued G-Shocks?

    I don't think any watches are currently "issued" per se, but several are available for unit purchases in the NSN system. For instance, individual Navy EOD/SEAL units long purchased DW-6600s but a while back seemed to switch to the GW-530a (Protreks and Suuntos are also popular). But issued in the classic sense? No.
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