Very nice recent pickup.
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Thread: Very nice recent pickup.

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    Very nice recent pickup.

    I was browsing on Yahoo when I spotted this set of three Casio’s for sale.

    They all had damage and the advert was labelled ‘Pop Tone watch and others’ which given the ‘others’ was a bit of a daft way to label and advert.

    This what arrived. First and least is an LDF-40 calculator watch. Not sure of the date of manufacture but it is from a few years back.

    It has a basic module, outwith the calculator mode, it has a 20 second alarm, which is really loud,, a 24 hour stopwatch with lap timer and dual time. It has no light.

    Next up is the DW-5000-1JF from 2001. This was an updated reproduction of the original G shock from 1983.

    The bezel had crumbled and it needed a new battery but other than that it is in great condition. Only fine lines on the highly polished, mirror finished, case back and with a clear crystal.

    Japan made.

    Sorted out the battery and gave it a new stealth bezel but will give it its proper coloured bezel soon.

    Last up is a rare one these days, the DW-6400 original ‘Gundam’. It needed a new battery but that was soon sorted.

    It was nicknamed ‘Gundam’ after a Japanese kind of Transformers character, it is a serious piece of hardware on the wrist.

    It has lost its wrist cuffs, as have the vast majority of these DW-6400’s, resin rot is strong with these and that is why so few remain with intact resin. This one still has the screws covered so it looks fine on the wrist. Japan made.
    Apart from its wrist cuffs, the watch is in great condition for its age, the crystal is clear and unmarked and the band and resin are in good condition.

    They are quite desirable and sought after these days and don’t come cheap unless very heavily damaged.

    The watch was produced in January 1994 and therefore has the light bulb system instead of an EL panel. This watch was superseded by the DW-8300 ‘Stargate’ also called Gundam and ‘Heavy metal’ which did have an EL panel.

    Here they are side by side and you can see the non-EL LCD is much clearer than the other.

    Some wrist shots to finish.

    So really pleased with the set and especially pleased with the price I got them for. Due to the rather odd advert, I got them delivered to the UK, including all fees, shipping etc for about Ł140!


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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    The dw-5000 is such a great piece, congrats on the treasures!

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    Great job fixing up. It's always great seeing new life brought to older watches that just needed some TLC.

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    What a great haul! That Gundam is killer.
    "When the shadow of the sash appeared in the curtains it was between seven and eight o'clock and then I was in time again, hearing the watch. It was Grandfather's and when Father gave it to me he said I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire.... I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment and not spend all your breath trying to conquer it."
    --William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury (1929)

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    Wow! Love the Gundam. I can see why it has that nickname.

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    That is all kinds of awesome!

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    Nice score!
    A man wearing a watch, outside of purely social functions (where, strictly speaking, a watch is not supposed to be worn), makes it clear to everyone in his purview that they are in the presence of a man who considers his time something of value, not something to be wasted.

    A man wearing an ostentatiously expensive watch makes it clear to everyone in his purview that they are in the presence of a man who considers little.

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    Super-Killer pickup. That's a Gundam great find if you mind me not to say so.

    Congrats on your new Trio!

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    Thief, thief!!! Great score! Take it and run.

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    Re: Very nice recent pickup.

    gundam and stargate, what a beautiful pair

    hoping someon 3d prints up some resin for the stargate so i can start wearing mine again without fear of it turning to ash haha
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