W-S220-1A: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition

Thread: W-S220-1A: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition

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    W-S220-1A: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition

    Sedi and I seem to have picked this one up at almost the same moment! My initial impressions are very favorable. It has nice size to it -- about 50mm across -- so it has some presence. But it is lighweight and reasonably low profile -- so it doesn't feel like you're wearing a hockey puck (not that I mind that feeling!). Nice crisp, three-part display -- uncluttered and legible. Solar powered. 24 hour STW. The same "record" function re prior workouts as the STW-1000. Ten interval timers -- each of which can be set to 59'59". A world time mode. Five alarms (one of them a snooze alarm) and, of course, an hourly chime function.

    A few downsides: Strap is cheap feeling to me, thin and lightweight. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to use. I'd love a separate 24 hour CDT. The light, while functional, is on the dim side. I'd love EL or a really bright LED.

    But, really, this is an awful lot of watch for $36! I'd love to see this module in a G-Shock.

    It is never a bad time to nosh!!

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    Re: W-S220-1A: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition

    Nice - now 36$ - that is far cheaper than the price in Germany. The stopwatch runs for 100hrs btw and the timers for 99min55sec. The strap feels a little flimsy - I exchanged the plastic buckle for a stainless steel one - took one of a G-Shock I almost never wear. I think the LED is perfectly fine for reading the time in the dark - I don't really like the overly bright LEDs that damage night-vision. A G-Shock with that module would be a nice idea. The module is based on the one for the GWX-5600 btw.
    Have fun with it!

    cheers, Sedi

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