Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch
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Thread: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

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    Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    I enjoyed @sonyman99 all in one vacation watch thread as I was coming up on a road trip myself and was getting ready to make the same decision as to what watch would be going, as I am only taking one. I have other watch brands in my small ensemble but I knew I would choose a Casio. This is what I had to choose from:

    I will be driving several hundred miles over a couple of days getting to my destination in Colorado. My parents went on a similar trip last summer and got in the worst hail storm in recorded Colorado history. It destroyed my Dads truck and I have been in a smaller such storm on one of my trips there before so I know weather can be a factor to consider. I recently, very recently acquired the Pro Trek in the photo and have had a few days to get familiar with it which was helped greatly by a couple of @Marrin videos. I really like the watch and after giving all my Casios a thought it was quickly down to the Pro Trek or the Rangeman 9400. I like the display on the Pro Trek a lot but in the end the Rangeman got the nod. The display on the Rangeman is easier for me to read with the backlight and it just has a few more features that I want on this trip. I also watched Marrins videos on the Rangeman and got more intimately familiar with ABC functions so I know I will enjoy playing with them in the high country. (There May be an unintentional pun there somewhere). I think I may start a Rangeman roadtrip thread when I get going and post up some watch usage and fun along the way. So here it is, the Rangeman will be mountain time bound!

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    Re: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    Good choice.
    Now I hope for beautiful pictures.
    I wish you a pleasant and safe journey.

    Kind regards
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    Re: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    What @Servus said. Have a great trip and look forward to your photos, does that mean wanderer is going wandering
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    Re: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    I think you nailed the choice. Enjoy the trip!

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    Re: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    @Wanderer16 I'm glad you found the videos helpful and can't wait to see the Road trip thread

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    Re: Wanderer16s Roadtrip Vacation Watch

    I know from your other thread that you went with the Rangeman but that is the one I would have picked anyway.
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