Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

Thread: Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

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    Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

    Hello All,

    I have been looking around this forum for a few days and I must say that it has gotten me thinking about adding a G-Shock to the collection. Lots of nice collections out here and very knowledgable collectors.

    I have not owned one since I was in middle school (wish I knew where that watch was). I have been looking but want something really unique and interesting. I have been on a tear lately with dive watches, love the larger gauge watches. Not afraid of a little color on the watch either, camo, red, or yellow. Need some help with selecting a good one. I am sure if I am not disappointed with the first, I wil be back for more.

    Looking at:
    G-Shock Gulfman
    G Shock AW-591 RL-4A Red

    Am I missing any must haves???
    Any good sources for G-Shocks?

    thanks in advance for the advice,


    I am sad, just found out that I only have two wrist! What's next?.....
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    Re: Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

    Try 2check out this one (glossy white color1), not bad either, dude...hehe


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    Re: Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

    Youre missing a Frogman for sure, if you like colors theres the FIFA DW-6900 in Yellow which is a must have for any color addict.
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    Re: Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???

    Don't forget Riseman, unique in looks and features.
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    Re: Want to add a G-Shock to the stable, which one???


    Morning Doug!!!!!!

    You only live once.....and some don't even do that!!

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    You like Brazilian...?

    Cause these are just yummy....

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