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    Watch ID Surviving Disaster

    Hey, I dont know if any of you guys watch this new show on Spike Channel called Surviving Disaster. It basically is supposed to show you how to get out of disaster sitiations, like a airplane hijack. The show is hosted by this guy Cade Courtley, who is a retired Navy Seal. Its pretty cool! Anyway, anybody know what the watch is that he wears? There were only 2 episodes so far, and he has the same watch on, but I dont have any pictures. Couldn't get any clear shots of it, anybody have an idea?

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    Re: Watch ID Surviving Disaster

    Sorry, I don't know the show. I'm sure someone else on the forum has that channel and might be able to help. I think there's a website somewhere which specifically looks at what watches people wear in films/TV shows, although I could be wrong.

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